My Favorite Colors!

  1. My husbands beautiful, deep blue, eyes. Which he has given to three of our four children :)
  2. I never liked my eyes, until I seen them in the face of my baby girl… my beautiful brown eyed girl.
  3. The quick flashes of White when my children smile…
  4. My grandmothers Green house, with her multitude of plants and pots with their leaves winding about here and there.
  5. I grew up with two brothers, and my dad for most of my younger years… being the only girl 90% of the time I despised the color PINK… only until I had girls of my own did I begin to love this color!
  6. I love the color red… because to me it represents passion, a lot of people lack this.
  7. GOLD… from the color of my daughters hair to the main of a lion… from tender memories to a powerful king.
  8. Black… for without darkness, we would not be able to fully appreciate the light.
  9. Grey…  I feel this just might be the color of my soul. lol… both my husband and I love to sit on the front porch in the midst of a storm.  The grey clouds, the wind, some lightening… such power.  It is then I think I feel more aware of the awesome power of God.
  10. The sun, shinning bright, driving away the darkness… warming our bodies… the magnificent yellow sun.

One thought on “My Favorite Colors!

  1. What a beautiful, colourful, moving list! Thank You for sharing it!!

    I’m with you – my hubby has those ice-blue eyes (my mom said they remind her of a pure-bred husky’s eyes) and our oldest has them too. I’ve got brown eyes, but they are so much more expressive and amazing when our youngest wields them!

    Have A Beautiful Weekend!!

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