Sunshine & Doodles

  1. Sunshine on my face
  2. New opportunities for work
  3. Compassion Charter
  4. Bones, the TV show (I may be addicted)
  5. Still wearing purple & turquoise combos- it’s this week’s theme & it feels really good
  6. Reading a terrific book on Cleopatra’s children
  7. Our family in Mansa is safe, despite the chaos that is going on
  8. Getting into our CSA at the last minute, but still getting goodies
  9. My head is buzzing with creative energy & so many projects to do
  10. Doodles that make me smile during boring meetings

3 thoughts on “Sunshine & Doodles

  1. Hi Raven — check out If you like doodling, you will love this! And you can do a keyword search on Zentangles if you want to see more shapes and colors, too!

  2. Carol- I have been to zentangle & do love it. I’ve also been to your site- such cool stuff. I’m currently taking a mandala workshop through & we had a zentangle week. I tend to scribble a shape and then color in sections to get a new picture when I’m bored in meetings. Yesterday’s looked like a yogini to me. Thanks for stopping in!

  3. I love turquoise I’m wearing it tonight at a Church dinner.
    We`are addicted to Bones too. The new show Body of Proof isn’t bad!

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