Boundaries & Red Hots

1. Identifying wants and want nots…removing things, people, and activities that create mind clutter; shifting perspective on what must stay and what I won’t compromise on any longer. I slide too easily into compromise to gain peace and, in the end, become just the opposite.

2. Recreating my work space. It is now welcomes fresh flowers, wide open windows, candle light, gauzy curtains, and silence but for the sound of my fingers on my keyboard.

3. Silence. The only white noise comes from outside on a breeze.

4. On hearing the words, “My dear, it is you.” Acknowledging that. Yep. It is me and it is still my choice to make.

5. My daughter who gifted me with a class assignment with interview questions on philosophy, ethics, moral standards, love and courage. Time spent getting back in touch with what is important to me. A good exercise in renewing spirit.

6. A little stash of Red Hots. Odd that they look larger than those I had as a kid. Most things seem smaller.

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