Passionate Gratitude

by Crystal Pirri on April 24, 2011

1. Trying a new recipe (roast duck) and it turned out perfectly! Everyone loved it.
2. Rosemary roasted potatoes- I didn’t have any (not a potato eater) but the smell of rosemary in the house made my whole afternoon
3. Not eating cake/candy- and I feel great this evening because of it;)
4. Staying in touch via Twitter throughout the day- loved watching everyone’s photos and little quips as their holiday unfolded
5. New drive and inspiration to get something accomplished (it’s amazing what happens when you align what you want with your values)
6. The Return of Merlin by Deepak Chopra (thanks Lucy!!)
7. This post- How To Steal Like An Artist
8. Taking a walk in the Sunday evening mist
9. A passion renewed
10. “Always reach for more than you can.” -Deepak Chopra

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