Monthly Archives: May 2011

Oh yeaaaah……… me!

1.An email from someone who cares and has the good word right when you really need it

2.A phone call from someone who cares and has the good word right when you need it

3.Little idea seeds that make you say “yes” without thinking

4.Trusting it all

5.Smashball (my new addiction)

6.Knowing exactly how to make a sweet first impression

7.”It’s five minutes away”

8.Remembering myself

9.Making way for myself

10.Getting excited about myself


1. Being in a silly mood

2. Laughing with my boy

3. Going out for ice cream

4. Fruitful conversations

5. Short weeks

6. Bicycle helmets

7. Good samaritans

8. Hearing my almost nine year old speak about the status quo…Love him!

9. Helping a neighbor with my bad a** landscaping skills :)

10. Really good pizza

from the book “the Power of your subconscious Mind”

1.  We have the power to choose.  Will it be yes? No? perfect health, happiness, joy, abundance?

2.  I choose to reject thoughts such as I can’t, I’m too old, too tired

3.  I choose to use my mind to bless and heal–for good

4.  I choose to believe in divine order, and perfect outcomes

5.  I choose to see the good in others

6.  I choose love and to see the good in myself

7.  I choose to see positive solutions to all problems

8.  I choose to let go, relax and breathe!!

9.  I choose to take each day, each step, one moment at a time and not project into the future

10.  Thank you God for the gift of yet another day – Thank you, thank you.

No surprises upon return

I am so grateful for~
No surprises upon return:

1.      Amelia’s car that started right up after it sat at the airport

2.      The tires that did not go flat

3.      The appliances that kept humming along although way past their warranties

4.      The sprinklers that combated the sudden 100+ temps ( when we left it was in the 80’s)

5.      The air conditioner that clicked right on and cooled the house

6.      Linda, who watched the house and collected the mail

7.      Cecelia and Leann, who watched our Ruby

8.      My parents stayed well while we were away

9.      My car started right up after its week-long rest, tires ok too :)


“When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” ~Lao Tzu

So it’s summer

1. Consciously slowing my pace to be able to enjoy this lovely time of year

2. Not letting people get under my skin. They may not steal my joy.

3. Ice cream and Rita’s Italian ice

4. Cooking out on the grill

5. Air conditioners

6. Playing mini golf on Wii because it’s 93 outside

7. New beginnings,new resolutions

8. Cool summer mornings

9. Watermelon,cantalope and strawberries

10. The grass grows overnight. I like it shaggy but my hubby growls.  :)

Monday List

1. mondays (new week, fresh beginning, ready to get some work done…well, we’ll see)

2. anonimity

3. music

4. little sisters who will love you for eternity just because you gave them candy

5. cameras

6. donuts

7. sillyness

8. iProcrastinator

9. doodling

10. sleep




3.Inspiring examples



6.Remembering how good you have it

7.Actually exhausting yourself with play



10.Feeling like your growing after all

Memorial Gratitude

1. Carol’s beautiful post on her loved ones
2. Thinking of those I’ve lost and loved
3. Which helps me to love those in my life more fully
4. Knowing everything is as it should be
5. Honoring now
6. Listening to those little nudges, signs
7. “Hey, I’m thinking about you.”
8. The way energy never disappears, it just changes
9. Which is where the phrase, “When one door closes, another one opens” surely comes from
10. Flowing with energy

Big Apple Gratitude

I am grateful for these kind New Yorkers:

1.)    Eddie, who arranged for balloons and a fruit basket to celebrate Amelia’s graduation

2.)    Sofia, who corrected an error on our bill

3.)    Frank and Carlos, who hailed cabs for Amelia every morning and helped her with her heavy bookbags every night

4.)    Kelly at the Bryant Park post office, who helped me ship over 120 books back home

5.)    Margaret, who told me about the holiday sale and gave me the discounts early

6.)    Nancy, who said I was “likable”

7.)    The kind cab driver who picked up Amelia at midnight in the Bowery and checked to make sure she was ok

8.)    Jaime, who calmly and patiently endured holiday traffic to take us to the airport

9.)    Amelia, who soared above her 4’10” frame and took on New York City!

 Slow down, just see what is already here, and feel the abundance that is within you and around you right now. Alia, Inner Bliss Blog, Simply Say Yes