Green, green tuesday

1.  thankful for helpful people at KSU

2.  Energy of children playing tag at 8am

3.  green, green grass growing so quickly due to the rain

4.  kind work associate who really cares and helps me grow

5.  New opportunities– coming full circle from the start of my sales career 25 yrs ago and appearing once again!

6.  Grateful for weight watchers program and motivation

7.  Listening to the chirping birdies – I wonder what they are singing??

8.  Reminding myself “nothing real can be threatened; nothing unreal exists”  Here lies the peace of God

9.  Seeking the direct connection to the divine knowing all is well

10.  Thankful for the gift of yet another day.

One thought on “Green, green tuesday

  1. Oh Rose! I had to laugh at #3…I am trying to be grateful for the out of control green grass that is crying out to be mowed! It’s not working, but I am grateful for my neighbor’s lawn. He mowed and it looks great! :)

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