Typing Blind

Here’s a new challenge: I can’t see what I am typing as I add this post. Lol.

1. Sleep is good. I’m a very light sleeper sleeper.
2. Rediscovering working in bed. Actually on it.
3. My Cat from Hell. A new TV series. While I don’t have one that behaves badly, I am learning new ways of enjoying them.
4. Or is this five? The pretty breeze coming in and sunshine.
6. The new job and the lovely people that work here.
7. Water for Elephants: Read the book some time agao. The movie — well done though different.
8. Hot, buttered popcorn.
8. Light suppers with lots of veggies.
9. Discovering and exploring new places to visit and relaxing while Ariel does the driving. Shared road trips.
10. Adjusting my attitude and perspective.

One thought on “Typing Blind

  1. Hi Peg,
    not sure why you can’t see what you are typing? In the dark? I hear great reviews about water for Elephants – the movie. The book was wonderful. Love Rose

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