Finally getting my truck back after a month of stress & insurance yuckiness. 
Having lots of fun new bumper stickers to replace my old ones, since I had to get a new bumper & tailgate.
Also, I’m thankful that I wasn’t injured in the accident, just inconvenienced by the situation.  That is a huge blessing (I have to keep reminding myself of that while dealing with insurance companies & mechanics.)
Getting excited about starting a biz for myself & living my purpose.  The words and ideas are finally starting to flow. 
Starting to get confident that this will work out, even though it’s terrifying.
Finding a web designer whose work I love, who I feel will be a perfect fit for my vision & who will help me work within my budget.  (Sometimes those connections are right under your nose.) 

One thought on “Excitement!

  1. Raven!!! thank you for sharing your excitement so i can be excited with you and for you! such a happy list this is!
    helen :)

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