Settling down [make that up]…

1. Grateful that no one was seriously hurt in our apartment complex fire here.

2. Grateful for the peace that fills our home of late.

3. Grateful for our new kitten…a source of laughter and lots of Look Out’s as she knocks things down from high shelves. (You know, the things you put up there that are precious. As they fall, you let go of “precious”.

4. Grateful to have put out there that more work was needed and getting it.

5. Grateful to have my daughter home. She tempts out of the house with day trips that both of us enjoy.

6. Grateful to be learning a new (second) job.

7. Grateful for seeing possibilities open up.

8. Grateful for another good read: Eating the Dinosaur by Chuck Klosterman.

9. Grateful for reading aloud and being read to…even being read to sleep.

10. Grateful for this Monday morning.

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