Grateful each day (and it’s FRIDAY)

It is the close of yet another very productive work week – when I say productive – it refers to all types of progress – body, mind, spirit and soul, thoughts, words, actions and deeds.

  1. Email with a calendar that reminds me to do things.
  2. lunch delivered.
  3. Holding space for another to be clear.
  4. People come with their own answers.
  5. A friend who understands that all things are energy and energy effects all things.
  6. Air mattresses for company to sleep on.
  7. My friend is becoming a certified yoga instructor and while she is visiting me, she is teaching me yoga.
  8. Chakras
  9. Asking a question, instead of assuming I have the answer for another.
  10. When I use the wrong words, when my intentions are misunderstood, when I’m closed to possibilities – the universe sends me a message or lesson – thank God, they have not been to harsh!

One thought on “Grateful each day (and it’s FRIDAY)

  1. Holly: I love your phrase of “holding space for another to be clear”
    Although not the initial “other” maybe I am another other who benefits from that space….thank you!

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