There is nothing better than this moment…

After having a seemingly “bad” day yesterday and reading all of your lists, I experienced an immediate change in my thinking, feeling and believing.

  1. All of your lists.
  2. Even in my “funkiest” of moods, I am able to listen, really listen to someone else.
  3. Divine intervention – you know those moments – when God sends you a message or messenger and there is the confirmation that it is God’s will.
  4. Creamed Spinach.
  5. Unlimited long distance.
  6. Joey’s sense of humor – what a goofball!
  7. Recognition that peoples intentions are not necessarily what they communicate and that it is only a faulty communication, not a faulty person.
  8. Mushy text messages.
  9. Working on teaching goals as part of my job.
  10. Seeing brilliance as bright as diamonds in people.

3 thoughts on “There is nothing better than this moment…

  1. I love your last comment and divine intervention. It is so powerful and so simple. But in our busy days, we don’t always take time to stop and listen.
    Love to you,

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