Today I’m grateful of…

I stopped ranting and nagging before I start doing so…

morning coffee..

my customized blog theme, it’s finally done..

opening myself to a new part-time job I created (for myself)..

for finally joining We Love Gratitude, I receive the newsletter daily but it’s the first time I step up and shout out what I am grateful about rather than cultivating negative feeling and thoughts inside my heart.

—–Please Welcome Me, Thanks!——

5 thoughts on “Today I’m grateful of…

  1. Welcome Annalyn,

    This is one of the most wonderful, transformation experiences! Enjoy and know, that you are in wonderful company!!

    Love and Light,

  2. I love the image of you stepping up to shout out your gratitude. We do a laugh at Laughing Club called the echo. You shout out your laugh and the group echoes it back. This is the image that comes to mind as you shout out your gratitude. I echo it back. Welcome to you!

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