Lead with Your Heart…

Simple actions with heartfelt intention are so powerful and life changing.

  1. God lets me know when those around me need a hug.
  2. My heart tells me when I need a hug, and to do something soft and soothing for myself.
  3. I’ve been practicing saying what is in my heart, totally and fully as finding my voice is new.
  4. When I take a food pantry order at work, I hold in my heart compassion for those who are in need.
  5. B is such a special person – I believe in my heart, she has been sent just for me…to learn from, to listen to, as a mentor, a colleague, a spiritual advisor.
  6. I didn’t want to, and I taped and painted anyway – I was pleasantly surprized at how a simple action changed my outlook. 
  7. Removing, processing, peeling, sorting through,letting go of…all those layers that covered my heart for so long.
  8. Joey’s heart, right next to mine – again, after a 37 year hiatus.
  9. Heartburn (lol) in a figurative way – it’s when your heart is so full of passion.
  10. All of your hearts, that have touched mine.

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