Where there is love…

Thank God for all of you and your lists, there is just no way for me to stay in a “funky” mood after reading through them!  The listing, Belle, all of you…the effect this energizes within me – this is love.

1.  God’s love permeates every cell in my body, every thought, word, action and deed – heart, spirit, soul.

2.  My son – who has the most joyful and silly sense of humor.

3.  Abby – is there anything more loving than a big furry friend, who waits at the top of the steps just for me every day.

4.  Joey – the voice I hear saying “I love you” first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.

5.  Bobbette – one of the most loving people I have ever met – a wise and soulful woman, who possesses a spirit so large and joyous that it fills a room and is contageous.

6.  Laura – who is a very dear friend and whose intentions are loving.  Her laugh lights up a room.

7.  Terry – she is the most honest person, and very passionate, she is the person that I might not speak with or see for many moons and when I do, it is like I did yesterday.

8.  All the people that I work with – each of them a guiding light.

9.  All of you – compassionate, honest, loving, spirited individuals who remind me that positivity abounds.

10. Me – a loving, honest, bright and shiny woman, a healer.  I finally recognize that in loving and celebrating myself that I inadvertently teach others to do the same.

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