In the questioning place…

the precdecedent for change, shifting and growth is the questioning place, that place where all that all I knew to be true, may not be any longer and I question those ingrained, imprinted programs that govern my body, mind and spirit.

  1. Am I looking without seeing?
  2. Are my feelings/inklings true and correct?
  3. Is the questioning place a waste of more time do I just need to be in the moment?
  4. Am I deluding myself and my thinking?
  5. Am I weak because I SHOULD be beyond this place right now?
  6. Knowing that when I use the word SHOULD, I’m dumping unrealistic expectations upon myself.
  7. What really is my mission?
  8. God has the answers.
  9. All I have to do is ask.
  10. And it is already done.
  11. All of you!

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