Monthly Archives: September 2011

Fall Blessings on a Friday

  1. There is a chill in the air – makes me appreciate the sun’s warmth even more.
  2. My son is almost fully healed after his July 7th car accident – Praise God!
  3. My daughter turned 15 this week and still remains sweet and loving with no sign of a mean girl in sight.
  4. My focus has returned to work after three month of care giving and my customers have waited patiently and appear to eagerly welcome me back.
  5. Which means there are checks in my mailbox – Praise God!
  6. The Songs of Prayer CD dropped this month (I am a featured singer) and has been well received.
  7. The gift of continued health, mental and physical for my whole family.
  8. The unbelievable generosity of friends and family over the last three months.
  9. The power of prayer – there is nothing stronger.
  10. A new blossoming relationship between my son and myself –

What! You Got a Problem With This?

1. Paying bills, baby!  It means you got the dough to do it!

2. Garfield

3. Breakfast dates

4. As grammatically incorrect as I wanna be

5. How am I just discovering Best of Craigslist now? LOL

6. Cheeser faces

7. Each having what the other wants

8. Rounding up your tools, admiring your arsenal

9. No apologies power

10. Everyone with the courage to be quirky

Forgetting as a Blessing

Very grateful for

  1. Payday!
  2. Comfort
  3. Birthday Night last night for four very special people
  4. Jeanene, who changed her plans
  5. Psalm 94:18-19
  6. Seeing Joy from the inside out
  7. Thumbprint cookies
  8. Some types of forgetting…it really can happen! (of course, his comment made me remember, but I can forget again!)
  9. Monarch butterflies on their migration through our town

Keep shining through; you may be a lighthouse to someone trying to make it.~ Caroline Naoroji

Ahh, Gratitude

1. Ahhh, the rain

2. Movement

3. Fresh green juice

4. Truly grateful for new clients (and the soon-to-be new ones!)

5. Working with people who make things happen

6. Working from home

7. Talking to my little girl, now that I know she’s a she;)

8. Posting gratitude lists for all sorts of specific things

9. Acceptance

10. “Bad humor is an evasion of reality; good humor is an acceptance of it.” -Malcolm Muggeridge

Baby Girl Gratitude

1. Found out today our little growing one is a GIRL!

2. I hadn’t realized how excited I would be, I’m truly thrilled

3. The tech girls (one intern) were so wonderful and nice

4. Our little one was doing the “Rodin” in the womb- fist on chin! She’s already a thinker

5. Everything was normal and healthy and strong. Hooray!

6. Now we can start narrowing down names (but we’re keeping those secret;)

7. We actually went to the wrong place, a mix-up with where we were scheduled, but I ended up liking the doc we had so much, it must’ve been divine intervention!

8. Sharing the lovely news with family minutes after we knew!

9. The special connection that comes with knowing

10. “A daughter is a day brightener and a heart warmer.” -Unknown

Doubting my Doubts

Very grateful for

1. The breaths that connect an entire day and life
2. Hanging on and Hanging in
3. Doubting my Doubts
4. Receiving a surprise email
5. Cynthia, my new intern
6. Christy’s good news on her lien
7. Raenel’s courage to overcome her fear of water and take swimming lessons and then go Kayaking with her family
8. Raucous belly laughs on the phone with V; feeling tons lighter when I hung up.
9. Not getting hung up on my old issues
10. This picture with its sipping reflection

Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.

~Francis Chan

..shine your light..

  1. Dairy farms…got milk?
  2. Coupons
  3. Real you need it and will you use it..
  4. Silk
  5. Cashmere
  6. Heard about a hoarder..of airplanes, cars, riding mowers, thousands of valuable items!
  7. My morning newspaper..remembering my grandmother reading her newspaper each day
  8. Lip smackin’  homemade chicken and noodles
  9. My cute little 4 cup Mr. convenient
  10. “As we let our own light shine, we give others permission to do the same..”

Love Gratitude

1. Long drives
2. Dinner with my adopted mom and her wonderful beau
3. How wonderful it is to see her giddy and in love
4. Fall decorations
5. Everything autumn- sweaters, pumpkins, leaves, oh my!
6. Figuring out a project that someone said couldn’t be done
7. Wonderful, truly blessed clients
8. Working from home, where my slippers are
9. My beautiful little bump that will soon be a beautiful little baby
10. “Love is the answer to just about everything. You don’t need anyone’s approval when you love yourself.” -David Hawkins