Baby Girl Gratitude

1. Found out today our little growing one is a GIRL!

2. I hadn’t realized how excited I would be, I’m truly thrilled

3. The tech girls (one intern) were so wonderful and nice

4. Our little one was doing the “Rodin” in the womb- fist on chin! She’s already a thinker

5. Everything was normal and healthy and strong. Hooray!

6. Now we can start narrowing down names (but we’re keeping those secret;)

7. We actually went to the wrong place, a mix-up with where we were scheduled, but I ended up liking the doc we had so much, it must’ve been divine intervention!

8. Sharing the lovely news with family minutes after we knew!

9. The special connection that comes with knowing

10. “A daughter is a day brightener and a heart warmer.” -Unknown

5 thoughts on “Baby Girl Gratitude

  1. So wonderful. Happy, healthy – such a lovely blessing. I am happy for you both. I have one of each and can list out all of the wonderful blessings regardless of gender. My baby girl turned 15 this week but still loves to cuddle while we watch Project Runway and dish on the outfits. A daughter is a daughter the rest of your life.


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