Fall Blessings on a Friday

  1. There is a chill in the air – makes me appreciate the sun’s warmth even more.
  2. My son is almost fully healed after his July 7th car accident – Praise God!
  3. My daughter turned 15 this week and still remains sweet and loving with no sign of a mean girl in sight.
  4. My focus has returned to work after three month of care giving and my customers have waited patiently and appear to eagerly welcome me back.
  5. Which means there are checks in my mailbox – Praise God!
  6. The Songs of Prayer CD dropped this month (I am a featured singer) and has been well received.
  7. The gift of continued health, mental and physical for my whole family.
  8. The unbelievable generosity of friends and family over the last three months.
  9. The power of prayer – there is nothing stronger.
  10. A new blossoming relationship between my son and myself –

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