Monthly Archives: September 2011

Is-ness Gratitude

1. I am so incredibly grateful for being able to help others in my business

2. Being able to offer knowledge in fun, technical ways

3. I’m grateful for meeting Norma at the perfect time

4. I’m so grateful for the knowledge she shares freely, to all who ask

5. The intellect and drive to figure things out

6. Fresh fruit, raw food, conscious eating

7. When I can’t wait to get back to my project when I’m taking a break

8. Open windows and doors during a thunderstorm

9. Loving everything in it’s “is-ness”

10. “Like springtime, the promise of a new era in man’s understanding of God is emerging. Now the level of consciousness of mankind is high enough to be able to recognize the truth of a God of Love instead of worshipping the god of guilt and hate.” -David Hawkins

random thoughts….

  1. Alone time
  2. Hearing about nice motels that accept dogs…at no extra charge
  3. More NFL football
  4. Miscommunication, and then everything coming to a good resolution
  5. Pepper happily chasing her yellow tennis balls
  6. Family member progressing slowly but nicely from hip surgery
  7. Sunny days
  8. Star filled nights
  9. GPa recovering from a cold
  10. Oranges, Vit. C


  1. Safe travel
  2. Four birthdays in one week
  3. Football season
  4. FYI: 87,000 people are on the waiting list for Green Bay Packer season tickets!
  5. Our neighbor lost his cell phone…had to enter all of the numbers on his new phone…had to ask most of us what our numbers are  :)…we’re so used to pressing a button!
  6. 90 degrees today…
  7. …then the 70’s rest of the week…methinks Indian Summer…beautiful!
  8. Phone conversation with someone who always makes my heart sing!
  9. Dr. and P.T. telling my daughter she’s a “rock star” since she is progressing so wonderfully with her acl repair
  10. “The sun shines on everyone; it doesn’t make choices.”

Price of Light Gratitude

1. Talking with a friend and fellow business owner with such excitement neither of us take a breath

2. Validation

3. Working toward understanding the role of emotions and what we’re really supposed to do with them

4. A plethora of fruit

5. The love that others have, already, for our little one before he/she even enters the world

6. A friend who’s willing to help even when she’s waiting for a tow truck! (Funny story.)

7. Doing what my body needs instead of what my brain wants to do

8. A client that I could not be more grateful for

9. Loving what I do and being able to do it well

10. “The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.” – Arthur C. Nielsen

“we’re not in Kansas anymore..”

  1. Saw a Kansas license plate
  2. Mrs. May’s vegan trio bars…yummy
  3. A couple who are loading a 26′ UHaul today…
  4. …will be pulling a trailer with a vehicle on it…
  5. …one of them (with huge chocolate Lab) will be driving another vehicle and following behind…
  6. …moving out of state tomorrow…what an adventure!
  7. Our computer down for several days…grateful for Mr. Fixit guru
  8. New computer monitor (unrelated to the computer challenge) :)
  9. Gorgeous!!! 89 degrees today!
  10. Received a gift of sapphire/diamond earrings…lovely!