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Monday Night…

1. Feeling extra grateful, so please bear with my second list of the day. :)

2. My husband had surgery today, and although it went well, it was not as minor as anticipated.

3. My inlaws were able to go be with him

4. I am so grateful that he understands me, and knows that even though I cannot be there, that I love him with all my heart.

5. Letting go of guilt

6. My parents for trying to understand, even though they don’t quite get it…

7. My inlaws. I love them even though they don’t understand our situation AT ALL.

8. Holding down the fort…

9. Reassurance

10. Love and trust


1. Starting the day with gratitude :)

2. Coffee

3. Feeling like I have things together (somewhat)

4. Things my son says…He is such a character.

5. The way my dog does everything at her leisure

6. Trust

7. Changing my mind

8. Free consultations…

9. Reading to each other

10. The daily joy of having my son home with me, and watching him learn and grow…

Why complain about the weather?

Grateful today for:

1. Being able to read more posts of gratitude on this site.

2. Internet friends.

3. My dogs who always welcome you like you haven’t seen them for a long time.

4. Being able to sleep a bit longer, even after the alarm clock went off.

5. Having music from my Iphone while running.

6. Being able to run 18 km today (only 3 more for the half marathon).

7. The nice weather.

8. Something that just made me laugh on television.

9. This interview in a magazine titled “why complain about the weather?” It was about someone who never complained about the weather, even if she was soaked by the rain. When it rained when she was little she sometimes went swimming with her mother in the rain, while no one else was there and they had so much fun. In the winter they made snow mans with other kids in the block, then came into the warm house, and ate or drank something warm. She said “why complain?” Mist has something mysterious. When it is raining, you don’t have to get the garden hose to wash your car .

Very nice little interview.

10. Having fun with the dogs and some quality time with my dad while letting the dogs out.


  1. Thrilled to have a wonderful all-day visit with my daughter!
  2. Plans to go shopping this week
  3. Keeping in my thoughts and prayers those in the eastern U.S. who have been inconvenienced by the recent snows…
  4. …and being grateful for the power company employees who come to their rescue
  5. Appreciating even more our lovely sunny day today
  6. Loving our new tv
  7. So happy to be getting back to our “habits” (routines) with Pepper …
  8. …see Belle’s CSW about Habits…it’s great!!
  9. NFL…go Green Bay Packers!
  10. “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate…our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”  M.Williamson


1. Being able to take it easy when we’re under the weather

2. Finally feeling somewhat inspired after two weeks of not dyeing

3. Unwrapping a project and being happy with it

4. The dog curled up in the one sunny spot on the floor

5. We saw a rainbow yesterday

6. Lavender essential oil

7. Writing letters

8. Receiving a timely message

9. Getting things straightened out

10. Hope

Taste of winter

1. God

2. My heart goes out to the people without power resulting from the storm, so far we don’t seem to be have been hit hard here and it seems to have stopped

3. Weather reports

4. Chloe, on her birthday, thanks to her for giving my parents more grandchildren and to me nephews

5. Painting

6. Cassie’s concern for my parents’ well being

7. Surprises

8. Symmetry (sometimes the fearful kind)

9. Snowplows

10. The tree is moving, the wind is moving, the mind is moving

♥ Saturday Into Sunday ♥

The first thing I am grateful for is to be able to finally log into We Love Gratitude once more!! Hooray!!! It was so dis-heartening to suddenly not be able to log in after having re-connected with the habit to be here. For whatever you did Belle – THANK YOU!!!

Today I Am Grateful:

1: That my hubby’s injuries weren’t worse – he spent all week (Monday to Friday) in the hospital with a concussion & herniated disc in his neck. Neither are completely healed, but they were finally confident enough they could send him home and he’d be okay.

2: That friends and family kept checking in to see how he was doing (and how the boys and I were doing as well)

3: To have been able to sleep in today and looking forward to sleeping in again when I finish this and go to sleep!

4: To be challenging myself in positive, creative and healthy ways – from writing my gratitude list every day to still taking care of my health via (Hot_Mama_13 is me!) to actually stepping up and really challenge myself to once more try my hand at NaNoWriMo!! National Novel Writing Month is the whole month of November and the challenge is to write 50,000 words or more in one month. I haven’t tried it in ages so I’m throwing myself into it this yaer! I’ll be writing my first ever FanFic!! Here is my profile: Writer_Mama_78

5: That I didn’t cave to emotional eating when things were so stressful and crazy this past week.

6: That I know I’ll be surprising a few people tomorrow and it’s going to be FUN!!!

7: For honesty

8: For love

9: For friends

10: For family

Grief’s Gifts

1. The love and support of my partner
2. Uplifting phone calls from dear friends
3. Releasing feelings of hurt and anger
4. Messages filled with understanding and hope
5. Clearing away years of pain and sadness
6. Hugs and tissues
7. The hidden gifts in every challenge
8. Amazing synchronicity
9. Cleansing tears
10. Seeing and feeling the healing begin