Very grateful for

  1. This picture pretty much sums up this past week.
  2. This quiet street, for over 14 years
  3. Cooler morning temperatures
  4. Reassurances
  5. Computer’s Disk defragmenter—would be good for life too!
  6. Prayer
  7. God in the middle of it
  8. God’s patience
  9. And His Love!

The promises cover every imaginable situation. All we need to do is to take the hand He stretches out.   ~Elisabeth Elliot

2 thoughts on “Quieter/Cooler

  1. Helen, thank you for another of your lovely lists…and with humor, no less! Am laughing and laughing at the picture…surely we must all feel that way at one time or another! :) Grateful for your sharing….Jean

  2. Thank you, Jean…glad you and I share a connection with the extremely funky chicken! Hope your week starts off well!
    helen :)

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