art making the world “a better place”

  1. Relaxing at home with memories of being with our beloved children/grandchildren on Thanksgiving
  2. Turkey leftovers..sandwiches, casseroles, soup
  3. Pellegrino with lemon slices
  4. Tim Holmes, our local and international artist and sculptor…
  5. …”Unfolding Flight” a sculpture presented to the winner of the Freedom to Create Leadership Award for Women in Cape Town, South Africa…
  6. …he has created art that has been awarded as part of the United Nations Peace Prize for Women…
  7. …Tim Holmes “wants to make the world a better place.”
  8. Our granddaughter was privileged to pose for him. 
  9. A family member who has her Christmas shopping finished! (I “should” do this next year :):)
  10. Belle’s awesome awesome CSW messages!!

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