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Annual Clearance

God’s Understanding

my annual clearance 
remembering to make a blank one for you

the gift of your time

heat and the thermostat that takes care to know when to supply it
little notes from Amelia
cocoa peppermint cookies
this great word picture: “when the sun melted like orange sherbert over the fields in my backyard

Gaspar, who came to fix the broken back door which would not lock and which we had been procrastinating to get fixed.
living in a neighborhood where an unlocked door is not an invitation to a future plot of C.S.I.

Let’s just say it’s easier to believe in miracles when you become one. ~
Jennifer Dukes Lee


For a beautiful day ahead

For good friends

For a good job and good coworkers

For a wonderful family, I am so thankful I have the family I have.

All my blessings.

All the love in my love

“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.” -Marianne Williamson


I’m grateful for:

-That there was someone of the family with my gran this night when she passed away in her sleep.

-family and friends

-the dogs, who always make you return to the moment.

-lot’s of belated christmas cards and new years cards in the letterbox today.

-cards from people you don’t expect

-Christmas lights that are still up everywhere.

-running outside


Zappa’s Advice

Very grateful for~
Bill’s girlfriend
windowsill basil
the calming of music
trash pickup
the hope contained in promises
Lila’s Christmas wishes
emails from Carol

Never stop until your good becomes better, and your better becomes the best. ~Frank Zappa


Grateful that I can be happy even when things are tough, because there is always good in this life.

Grateful that my family is happy and loving, even when we get on each other’s nerves.

Grateful that I know happiness comes from within, not from the outside.

“So many conditions of happiness are available—more than enough for you to be happy right now. You don’t have to run into the future in order to get more.”—  Thich Nhat Hanh

What a Grateful Day!

1.  I started with a 1,583 word journal entry (I usually write around 750 at which was an amazing way to start my day.

2.  Then off to book club, where we are discussing one of my favorite books of all time — Broken Open:  How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow by Elizabeth Lesser

3.  After lunch, three of us broke open!  We really discussed some deep personal changes and challenges, and it was beauteous to see how we unfolded from casual luncheon conversation into empowering intimacy!  An afternoon I will remember always.

4.  During the day, we saw lots of birds, including a gorgeous woodpecker.  Any day that includes birdwatching is a wonderful day for me!

5.  Belle’s article on was another on target winner today.  I have to keep telling my friends — hey, this is for men, too — do not be afraid of the website name!

6.  Wonderful dinner with husband Tom, Papa Sherman, and daughter Maribeth.  Hummus and pita bread with kalamata olives – yummy!

7.  I saw an ambulance go by, and after blessing it, I always remember how lucky we are not be to in that ambulance off to uncertain destinies, with family members in a panic.  Our health is such a gift and so easy to forget how amazing it is to be able to go about our daily routines, even when we have maladies here and there.

8.  Cleared off my husband’s bureau area tonight and removed Henrietta, our gigundus piggy bank of many years.  Time for her to find a new home.  Replaced her with our photos over 41 years of marriage — it looks so different and inviting.  We are going to put Henrietta at the end of the driveway and see if anyone wants to give her a new home.  Tom could hardly carry her downstairs!

9.  As I sit here in my sock monkey pajamas, getting ready to call it a day, I am looking forward to watching a new episode of Tavis Smiley — my favorite interviewer of all time.  He actually reads the books!  He interviewed Alison Krauss last night, one of my favorite performers of all time, winner of 26 Grammies.  Tavis asks terrific questions and waits for complete answers.  Hooray!

10.  Each day brings it’s own blessings.  Posting here is a wonderful way to acknowledge them and revisit some of the highlights.  Thank you, Belle!

♥ Simple Tuesday ♥

Today I Am Grateful:

* That I woke up today, alive and breathing

* That I am feeling better today, even if I’m still a little under the weather

* For lots of productivity with my boss today – we spent over 4 hours IMing back & forth about work stuff

* To be working again after 6 years as a stay-at-home mom – it feels good to be productive for others again!

* For the knowledge that there are those who believe in me – that I can work for myself as a writer

* That I have been writing a little something every day lately – it feels good!

* For all the promise that 2012 holds for everyone – isn’t it dazzling??

sugar plums still dancing…

  1. Our son-in-law on leave from the mid-east and being home for Christmas!
  2. One of the most enjoyable Christmases we’ve had
  3. Seeing pics of some people who had a 37,000 light display…took them 40 hrs. to assemble; they started in Oct.
  4. A truck with a huge lovely wreath on the front
  5. A rancher who spray painted hay bales so they looked like Santa and gifts under the tree!
  6. NFL go Packers! After all, GPa is an owner/shareholder :)
  7. Trivia: 1983 our Christmas Eve was minus 37 degrees! 
  8. Magnificent…a web cam gift from our precious granddaughter and her sweetie pie husband who live in another State…
  9. …assembled by our sil and gson so that we could all enjoy visiting on skype on Christmas Eve…heartwarming for us!
  10. Truly grateful for all of you on We Love Gratitude!!

♥ Looking Back, Looking Ahead ♥

Today I Am Grateful:

* that I am looking back at 2011 and finding so many things to be grateful for thanks to my lists here at WLG and at GLD

* to be looking ahead to 2012 and sending loads of Love & Light ahead into it to make it the best year ever!

* that even though these past few years have been tough for my family, we have found ways to get through

* for the knowing that things will be better

* to know that we have such amazing family and friends to help us in so many ways

* for the challenges I am giving myself for 2012 (check out my note on facebook here: My Intentions For 2012

* for each and every person who posts here at We Love Gratitude – even though I may not have been posting, I have been reading and I cannot tell you how much your lists have helped me through some tough times this year – THANK YOU!!!

December 25 but posted on Dec 26

Very grateful for~

God’s gift to us

Dad’s smile

a wonderful rum cake
and Almond Rocas—takes me back to childhood memories of when mom brought out the “special” candy
Garrett’s kind words
Carol’s enthusiasm and positivity
Big Bang Theory reruns on the DVR
Marla’s gift—a wine bottle repurposed with twinkle light and wired garland!
the quiet heron bird standing by the lake

she would consider each day a miracle – which indeed it is,
when you consider the number of unexpected things
that could happen in each second of our fragile existences. ~Paolo Coelho