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Pie! Oh My!

Cherry Pie…Michigan grows 75% of the nation’s tart cherries. Traverse City, which holds an annual National Cherry Festival, billed as the cherry capital of the world.

Pecan Pie…Popular in Alabama and Georgia, and also the Oklahoma Panhandle which named it the “official state meal.”

Chocolate Hazelnut Pie…Farmers in the NWest found that hazelnuts mix well with chocolate or maple. Oregon grows 99% of commercial hazelnuts in the U.S.

Key Lime Pie (My Fave!) … Because the Florida Keys had no refrigeration until the Overseas Highway opened in 1938, bakers had to use canned milk, which became an essential element of Florida’s state pie.

Macadamia Nut Pie…This pie is almost a religion in Hawaii.  Mac Pie has been around for more than 100 yrs. and has many variations.

Mississippi Mud Pie…Said to have come about after WWII because it was made from ingredients available at most local groceries.  And the name…..the chocolate crust reminded some of the muddy banks of the Mississippi River.

Derby Pie…A chocolate and walnut pie traditionally eaten around the time of the Kentucky Derby.  It originated about 50 years ago by the mgr. of a Kentucky inn.

And, of course, we have: Coconut Cream Pie; Pumpkin Pie; Sweet Potato Pie; Apple Pie; Olallieberry (youngberry-loganberry cross); Hoosier Pie; many others….

Wait! Wait!…where are you going?  Oh, off to get a piece of pie?  Enjoy!!! :)

Ok with No

Very grateful for~

God’s immense power Lori’s late night emails
Tedra, being brave and telling me her truth
toasted marshmallows
the ugly dust storm is over
finally getting a handle on the massive cleaning project (also dust)
file folders—my life seems manageable if I have organized files
seeing now why a prayer that God answered with a “No” was the best answer after all
periods and commas, their place in expression and their place in my life.

I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.G.K. Chesterton

1. God

2. Jacquelyn who lost her mother, father, husband and dog in the same year, talking about cpr, call pray read

3. Cassie in her element, entertaining

4. Greyish purple

5. Blue sky

6. Records and a turntable with a USB

7. Listening to old comedy records like Tom Lehrer and laughing out loud

8. John Fahey/Blind Joe Death

9. Green sofa

10. Seeing to things

11. Charlene is a warm and caring person

12. Celebrating Richard’s birthday

13. Buying puzzles for Chris’s birthday with the kids

14. Mint green



Buddha Gratitude

  1. 8.5 months pregnant, sitting cross-legged = Buddha
  2. Food. Who knew food could be so incredibly wonderful and delicious?
  3. Apple cider vinegar baths
  4. The way no moment is less than wonderful when you stop telling the story of the moment before it
  5. Books, glorious books
  6. Quotes that are just perfect
  7. Telling new stories
  8. Not being attached to any of them
  9. Love
  10. “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” -Buddha

..”a fer piece”..

  1. Celebrating a family birthday…fun, fun, fun!!
  2. Bronze Star, an honorary military award!
  3. Running errands and spreading good will.
  4. Saw a car from Connecticut today…wow, they’re from a fer piece down the road :)
  5. Heard a story about a lady who, at age 63, was losing her sight…she quit her job and traveled to all the places in the world that she always wanted to see…
  6. …at age 65 she became legally blind but didn’t let that stop her from traveling somewhat and she did so until age 97! 
  7. Pink grapefruit Perrier…yum!
  8. Disneyland in CA…fun!
  9. Planet Earth videos…magnificent!!
  10. Fiji :)

Much Gratitude

Lazy Saturday

Having positive self talk

Smiles and Laughter

Love in all forms

Seeing my youngest son enjoying work

My youngest daughter for winning best dressed at a job fair

Watching scary, spooky movies!

 “Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.” -Marianne Williamson


Spreading Love

Cooking for my family and having them love the food

Loving my family

Love for those who I don’t know, but whom I feel for

Romantic Love

Spiritual Love

Love of my job

Love of money, not in the greedy sense but in the way it helps my family and others through charity

Love of Laugh