..”a fer piece”..

  1. Celebrating a family birthday…fun, fun, fun!!
  2. Bronze Star, an honorary military award!
  3. Running errands and spreading good will.
  4. Saw a car from Connecticut today…wow, they’re from a fer piece down the road :)
  5. Heard a story about a lady who, at age 63, was losing her sight…she quit her job and traveled to all the places in the world that she always wanted to see…
  6. …at age 65 she became legally blind but didn’t let that stop her from traveling somewhat and she did so until age 97! 
  7. Pink grapefruit Perrier…yum!
  8. Disneyland in CA…fun!
  9. Planet Earth videos…magnificent!!
  10. Fiji :)

One thought on “..”a fer piece”..

  1. ROFL on “fer piece”! We say that about Montana plates ’round here!

    Oh, and I can not WAIT to try pink grapefruit Perrier!

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