Monthly Archives: January 2012

Tweety bird overcomes

Very grateful for~
a warm little heater under the table
Ruby, keeping vigil by sleeping on Amelia’s bed during her trip away
snail mail
dropping my rising shoulders and exhaling
old photos
clearing up a potential text misunderstanding before it became a problem, although i felt like Tweety-bird in the face of a giant, i did it!

the little girl in the pink tutu and striped tights at church, bouncing up and down on the pew. I was a little sad at first but
seeing her dance and twirl made me smile.

The love that you search for everywhere is already present within you. It may be evoked by any number of people or events. A mountain can evoke this love. A sunset can evoke this love. But finally, you must realize you are this love. The source of all love is within you. ~Gangaji it again..

  1. Belle’s  “Thoughts”  by Ella Wheeler Wilcox…Read it!…Then read it again!  Thank you, Belle!
  2. Garrett’s restaurant surprise message!
  3. Appreciating my morning prayer time.
  4. Hearing about ranchers who live miles and miles in the middle of nowhere…
  5. …one family was snowed in for a month–they prepare for this…
  6. …no vehicles or people on a paved road for 70 mi.
  7. Safe road travel
  8. Windy weather
  9. Beautiful snowy owl perched on a post and “posing” for a picture
  10. “You define your own life. Don’t let other people write your script.” -Oprah

I never know

1. God

2. Snowplows

3. Melting

4. Breath

5. Kathy laughing in spite of sorrow and trouble

6. From Barrie, usually encounter Meyers-Briggs with respect to careers, but this is the clearest and most practical explanation I’ve seen on how to apply it to other areas of life

7. Country music

8.Ricky stands on his hind legs to join our circle

9. Belle teaching me it’s not what happens so much as the story I tell myself

10. And even thinking of that, depressed, feeling beaten down, go into a restaurant and order a veggie burger, I sit down at the counter and there’s this sign

Now the Garrett described here has an interesting story because he pursues a goal from youth and never loses sight of it and succeeds.


  1. The way fear is just a story
  2. Great advice
  3. Now
  4. The way the world is brilliant and friendly and beautiful when you’re present
  5. Love
  6. The things we value- we’re all so unique!
  7. People helping people
  8. Ella Wheeler Wilcox on Thoughts
  9. Being wholly here
  10. The way everything is exquisitely perfect


Ruffles and Responses

Very grateful for~

God’s Grace
the ability to walk
the hot water that easily comes out of the faucet
a completely clear night sky with solar-powered stars
old friends

Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. ~Roald Dahl

Thank You Sunday!

1.  the peace of Sunday morning

2.  a nice cup of rose tea

3.  new quilted pillow for my kitchen chair

4.  so fun to receive gratitude lists in my email

5.  on a 28 day streak writing with

6.  Zentangle Club was so fun yesterday — April did Zentangle hearts!

7.  the flu is gone and I am feeling more like myself again – hooray!

8.  looking forward to church this morning

9.  Sunday morning papers

10.  as James would say – I am grateful for now!