Monthly Archives: June 2012


Grateful for the times when I remember to just listen.

Wife talks…just listen

Friend talks…just listen

TV talks…just listen

Ahhhhhh.  What a relief to just listen.  It takes no effort to listen and to be empathetic.  To the contrary, analysing and coming up with solutions is really hard work.


Never too small

Very Grateful for~
God’s lessons from the mosquito

Five bites in 1 minute reminds me that one is never too small to make an impact

Bug spray

The cool of the early, early  morning before sunrise and the triple digit temperatures




Mike and Victor, the tree trimming guys

Carl’s insight for Amelia

Listen to the quieter voices inside you – the ones your more dominant inner voices – like your inner manager and task master and the voice that’s all about paying the bills – tend to talk over. These quieter voices sound like tender hopes a lot of the time, or persistent invitations. Or like a restless wish for change. ~Kristen Noelle

In memory of Catharine Eckhof, May 4, 1933 – June 24, 2012

1. God

2. “Cassie, I’m not sure I like the idea of you and this gentleman.”  However, when I showed up you were quite welcoming.

3. Your generosity

4.Your love of animals

5. And nature and flowers especially calladium

6. The subscription to Birds and Blooms which gives us much pleasure

7. Bubbles

8. Your encouragement during my job search

9. Helping us jump start the house repair

10. Hosting us so many times

11. Turtles … and, while we’re at it, frogs


Basic Gratitude

  1. Quiet time
  2. Great teamwork
  3. Ahhh…the way it feels to be grateful
  4. All our incredible luxurious lives
  5. An abundance of food
  6. Power, running water
  7. Vehicles that allow incredibly fast travel
  8. Medical professionals
  9. Houses that keep us warm and dry
  10. This day, to be grateful, to love, to live


1.  Silence and time when I am not thinking.  When I realize that I do not have to search for anything, including happiness, peace, love or joy.  Realizing I don’t have to think my way into peace.  Peace is always there and all I have to do is stop searching.  Times when I accept my life just as it is and surrender to the beauty of the present moment.  Knowing I am right where I need to be.  For this I am grateful.

Smokey the Bear?

  • Neighbors’ 50th wedding anniversary…
  • …lovely party in the park on a lovely day
  • Pepper making friends nose-to-nose with another Schnauzer
  • A beautiful huge yellow butterfly on a tree branch
  • A fire “cloud” where the brown smoke looked like a teddy bear for a few minutes
  • Windy day
  • So happy for our gson who worked so diligently and passed his parametic exams and is now interning in ER and OR…told that he was at the top of his class
  • 100 + degrees for two days…summer has arrived!
  • “The Master Cleanser” -Stanley Burroughs

1. God

2. Portulaca

3. It changes

4. pep talk from John C about showing up

5. Milder weather

6. Cassie who puts out cold drinks for the mail carrier on extremely hot days

7. First zinnia flowering

8. And flowers on the eggplant

9. Something to read

10. Faye telling us, even with family difficulties, “I’ll go on practicing gratitude,” which seems like a wonderful thing to do


Grateful for Suzie, Evelyn and Lillian, Mom and Dad, Louie (cat).
Grateful for the peace I have available every single day.
Grateful for the wisdom of those who have come before me.
Grateful I switched from smoking cigarettes to using Swedish Snus.
My friend Rick is a great guy. Loyal and funny are just a few of his great qualities.

Student Gratitude

  1. Added a cool badges feature to the site- let me know what you think! (And if you all don’t like it, I’ll definitely take it off. It doesn’t hurt to experiment!)
  2. My sleeping baby
  3. Typing fast
  4. The incredible efficiency with which I do things now
  5. My heart is so constantly full of love. How empty was I before this beautiful child?
  6. Being a student in everything. I am so in awe of so many great teachers.
  7. How little I care about things I used to. What a blessing to let go of so much control.
  8. My husband, who is more wonderful and amazing every single day.
  9. Holding love in my heart
  10. This glorious moment