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Morning Routine Gratitudes!

1.  Most mornings, I wake up “Roll Out the Carol” in my head!

2.  Then I do the laughing club cheer

3.  Next the “Yoga Breath of Joy”

4.  I am not a morning person, so those get me moving in good spirits.

5.  A cup of delicious tea

6.  Writing my journal on – always a good way to start the day.

7.  Renewing my gratitude practice by writing here — makes the day more meaningful for sure!

8.  A tablespoon or organic vinegar in 8 oz. or warm water for the arthritis in my hands — a miracle!

9.  My routine vitamins.

10.  I am ready for whatever this day brings.  Thank you, God, for another day!

1. God

2. Thanking Belle, for creating this site and its predecessor, exactly what I needed at the time and every day

3. And also Creative Spiritual Women

4. Mary N reminding me that my job isn’t the solution, nor money but a spiritual solution

5. Instructions from Jay G

6. who got a job and is grateful for it

7. Admitting I don’t know the whole story, if there is one story

8. Bach’s partita in A minor

9. And the one in G majoe, the alternate fast and slow movements signify for me alternately creative energy and reflection

10. Seeing this on the street

1. God

2. Fred L. – grace and courage and generosity

3. He also said meditation is better than thought, but do what you can

4. Going back to work, can stop having bad dreams about it

5. Maybe

6. Something Kate said about gratitude

7. Sprinklers

8. Hannah B. helping Audrey

9. Emily’s drawing skills

10. Chopping vegetables and herbs

1. God

2. Audrey making progress

3. Garden doing just fine while we were away

4. Tomatoes, and honking big cucumbers and squash

5. Fresh taste

6. Audrey making progress

7. All pussycats accounted for

8. This writing by Bridget, not blame but power, what generosity

9. Music of Johannes Brahms

10. Tears

11. A handsomely carved and finished bedside table with a shelf to put books (thank you, Cassie!)

Lots of Gratitude!

1.  phone call from an aspiring stand-up comedian wanting to try out his material at our laughing club!

2.  we don’t tell jokes at laughing club, just do laughing exercises

3.  but I told him he could come and tell jokes after laughing club — we will be the best laughers he has ever experienced!

4.  did a presentation on “Loneliness” to a local community center yesterday

5.  having a take-out party tonight for our “Prosperous Heart” group (book by Julia Cameron)

6.  everyone brings their favorite take-out — it’s fun and cost efficient

7.  lots of rain last night — thank heavens, our grass is brown!

8.  my first morning glory bloomed yesterday and I missed it!  but today — ahhhh!  another one, and even deeper blue than last year!

9.  great yellow squash for dinner last night from my Dad’s garden

10.  the Olympics have started – hooray!

1. God

2. Sleeping

3. A drive

4. Beautiful houses

5. Peach pie

6.jody and her white horse

7. Swimming at night

8. Windows

9.Jenn and Kyelle looking after the fuzzies

10. Surprised by silence


red ants

  •   White Sulphur Springs, MT  
  • “Leave your ego at the gate”
  • No Sweat Cafe :)
  • Pickleball
  • Skype
  • Realtors
  • Strawberry/banana “ice cream”
  • Our beautiful precious ggranddaughter!
  • How everything is new and wonderous to babies
  • GPa transporting his “little darlin’s” on a field trip today


Thursday Thankfulness

1.  the plants in my window, cactus and other succulents, and a wild bamboo celebration

2.  walking with my daughter, Maribeth, on the Towpath trail

3.  the cardinals who fly in pairs in our neighborhood

4.  the monarch butterflies who danced in front of my car

5.  hearing Glenn sing last Saturday night

6.  knowing part of my family is having a wonderful time at the ocean

7.  making a Zentangle sunshine cube for my DIL (daughter-in-law), Dyan, for her new desk

8.  Dyan is going to be principal where her husband, Maribeth, and I all went to junior high school! and where her FIL coached

9.  getting together with my Island Girls – Kathy, Linda, and Rose for 1/2 price appetizers at a fancy restaurant – yahoo!

10.  I agree with Belle and say thanks for every breath



1. God

2. Sunlight upon the leaves

3. Ignoring the weather forecast

4. A boat on the ocean

5. Enjoying the others, strangers who seemed happy with each other


6. Seeing islands I have not seen before, much less heard of

7.the boat captain and the crew and the narrator and the man loosing and pulling in and fastening the ropes

8. Lunch outdoors

9.Cassie’s catharsis and talking about it

10. The gift of another day


Secret Gardens

  • Gorgeous morning walk..60 degrees, blue blue blue sky and sunshine
  • Secret Garden tours..lovely gardens at various homes
  • My cousin moving from TX to MT…
  • …helping her with all arrangements
  • Awesome video “Fat Sick & Nearly Dead”…and yes, grateful to keep healthy
  • Farmers Markets
  • Looking at the graffiti on passing trains and wondering who did some of that fabulous art work
  • Our neighbor well and home from the hospital…..
  • …his 10 yr. old gson mowing the lawn on his riding mower
  • Summer’s joy and abundance…   “God’s gracious summer gifts.” -Joan Uda