Monthly Archives: August 2012


1. Six month old twin daughters that I thought we would never have
2. My wife
3. The fact that I don’t act on all the crazy thoughts I have when I allow my wife to drive me crazy.
4. The realization that no one else can drive me crazy. I have the power to control whether or not I get upset. Whether or not I jump in the crazy river of anger.
5. My cat Louie who comes to visit everytime I get into bed.
6. Rain
7. My in-laws
8. My Mom and Dad who help out in so many ways
9. Financial security to the extent that any of us are financially secure!
11.Understanding that negative thinking will get me nowhere.
12.Knowing the difference between understanding something and knowing/living it.
13.Enjoying the journey
14.Accepting that I will never get life “figured out”

Right Now Gratitude

  1. An attitude of gratitude
  2. The calm, loving presence of Julie
  3. Hearing about a baby squirrel rescue (soooo adorable!)
  4. People who care enough to make a difference
  5. 1111111““  (Ava’s `helping me type)
  6. Tasha stopping by while she’s in the area
  7. Ava selectively crawling (she will scootch across the floor only for things she really wants. Grapes and my computer are the only things on the list so far :)
  8. Health
  9. Our happy little home-nest
  10. This, right here, right now.

1. God

2. “we’re facets of a spiritual diamond called God”  Hector E

3. Meeting Helen <3

4. And Helen’s friend Mary, both delightful

5. Air travel

6. Elevators

7. Parking spaces

8. Hotels

9. A fine restaurant

10. Cassie’s satisfaction with her new ‘do

11. Lunch with Matt


First Gratitude List

1. I am grateful for Montana’s mountains.
2. I am grateful for Bonita and Scott.
3. I am grateful for my precious perfect daughter.
4. I am grateful for God’s grace and mercy.
5. I am grateful for visions from God.
6. I am grateful for instruction from God.
7. I am grateful for scripture.
8. I am grateful for peace.
9. I am grateful for insight.
10. I am grateful for good health.

Grateful for Mike Dooley!

1.  Went to Mike Dooley’s World Tour III last Saturday — he’s from

2.  He sends out messages from the Universe that I get in my emails every weekday

3.  Once, when I was getting some new presentations ready for a conference and I thought my head would spin off my shoulders, I got this email from the Universe:  “It’s not that you worry, Carol, it’s that you care so much.”

4.  I used to classify myself as a worrywart, but that one sentence set me free!

5.  If you are worrying, you probably think you might not do a good job, that you might let people down —

6.  When you care, it’s because you’re trying to do a good job, that you want people to be happy, and that you are hopeful that things will work out.

7.  Wow!  Now if I start worrying, I remember that sentence and I turn into a much more relaxed and caring person!

8.  These quirky and fun messages from the Universe are the first emails I open every weekday.

9.  Mike Dooley has written lots of books which are very empowering and interesting to read.

10.  I went to his daylong workshop with my friend, Jean, and we sat right in the front row — it was a day I will never forget!

1. God

2. Things look different in the morning

3, Distance

4. Helpful forgetting

5. or perspective

6. Hannah tells me college is awesome

7. David enjoying the last days of freedom, as he would put it

8. My parents taking David out to lunch

9. Helping a student with an internship application

10. Cassie arranging sunflowers