Monthly Archives: October 2012

Little Pumpkin

  1. Puttig Ava in cute little pumpkin pajamas
  2. Helen’s hilarious Halloween list
  3. Meeting my husband for dinner (he’s been working 16 hour shifts because of the storm)
  4. When I pulled in the parking lot, we both noticed a car was on fire, flames just starting from under the hood, no one else around… so glad we saw it when we did
  5. Mark called 911 and got his fire extinguisher, but it was quickly getting bigger
  6. The fire department arrived lighening fast and it was all put out in about 1/2 hour
  7. Even on his dinner break, my husband’s working!
  8. Was so good to have a meal with him
  9. He’s my hero:)
  10. Love

Halloween Gratitude

Very Grateful for ~

God, who is not scary

The zombie at the coffee shop

The vampire that bagged my groceries

The pirate who sold me stamps

The fisherman who filled my gas tank (or maybe those are his regular clothes)

The butterfly who checked out my books at the library

The not-s0-wicked witch at the cleaners

The Halloween half-off sale beginning a day early

Candy for the treat-o-treaters

Happy Halloween!


  • My husband, who’s been working in the storm to restore power
  • My friend Mayra, who is infinitely loving and creative
  • Morning light
  • Letting things go
  • Autumn apples
  • Creative plans
  • Our beautiful trees
  • Lovely voices to listen to on the radio
  • David Hawkins
  • Being present and conscious
  • This

Stormy Monday

Very Grateful for ~

God’s blessings

That Garrett and Cassie are ok during the storm

First responders during the hurricane



Good Samaritans


Early warnings


Pets who are taken care of in the storm

When fear knocks on the door, send faith to answer it


  1. Making dinner everyone loved
  2. Company over
  3. Ava slept often today- growth spurt or effect of the rain?
  4. EarthFare was so accomodating with my personal containers for the bulk bins (avoiding the plastic bags)
  5. The cashier who gave me credit for a coupon I knew nothing about
  6. Learning how to change
  7. Exploring options even if they’re not my first choice
  8. Compromise
  9. Great stories
  10. This moment

1. God


3. Mild fall days

4. Lively discussion

5. Plums

6. serendipity

7. Heroic strokes of the bow

8. Throwing away the box (assuming it can’t be recycled)

9. Things I take for granted that I cannot count

10. Phone call from John a reminder


  1. Naps
  2. Husband’s home this weekend
  3. Ava all bundled up in her cold-weather gear
  4. Antique shops
  5. Finishing crocheted slippers in wool, so warm
  6. When my husband doesn’t want much for dinner :)
  7. Glad for all the warning time pre-hurricane so people can prepare
  8. The way observing changes the observed
  9. Healthy alternatives
  10. This moment

Just Do It!

  • “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” – Theodore Roosevelt
  • My fun harvest pumpkin earrings :)
  • A flock of wild turkeys in the middle of a herd of deer
  • Wood smoke
  • A huge 1-Ton 4×4
  • Winter windshield wipers
  • TV ad for vacationing in Korea…
  • …GPa was there but definitely not on vacation
  • Family trees
  • “Each child is a new creation, God sending fresh hope and possibility into the world. And I hope each child can experience the awe of new things.”  -Joan Uda    (who also references Mark 10:14-15)


  1. Nighttime gratitude
  2. Sleeping baby
  3. Cool, rainy autumn night
  4. Chilly, finger-numbing after-dinner walk that made coming home SO nice
  5. A group of women changing the world
  6. Patricia gave me her harmonica from TedxAkron today, Ava loves it
  7. Elle’s beautiful creations
  8. Drawing
  9. Collaborating 
  10. Ahh