Monthly Archives: November 2012

Grateful for Friendship

1.  loving that a dear friend notices when I don’t post here and even sent an email reminder!  hooray!

2.  my friend Kristin who helped me take down the Zentangle Show

3.  packing up my treasures along with newly bought Zentangle art done by my friends

4.  one of my new Zentangle acquisitions by my friend Sharon says “take time to restore your soul”

5.  going to see Jean sing in a choir last night

6.  Maria and her daughter, Sophia, came over tonight to do Zentangles

7.  Sophia is fun and interesting — as a matter of fact, she was commenting on something tonight and said,  “that’s a little TOO interesting!

8.  Linda, Kathy, and Rose surprised me at lunch today with a birthday party complete with balloons, presents, and merriment (my birthday is not until Christmas Eve, but they didn’t want it to be confused with the holiday season)

9.  Liz, my friend from Washington State, texts me or calls me almost every day!  Yippee!

10.  friendship shows up in my life every single day — I am so blessed with wonderful, fun, creative, amazing friends!



Good Morning Day!

1. Carol rocks!

2. Starting the day off right

3. A lovely breakfast- that I didn’t have to make!

4. Yelp

5. Sweaters

6. Having a plan and the willingness to change it

7. Gratitude lists

8. Libraries and all their amazing (and free!) resources

9. Waking up with inspiration

10. Opportunities

1. God

2. Chris and Jen and Rammel coming over for dinner

3. And Cassie inspired to host

4. Shelves

5. Nancy’s good news

6.Drinking water

7. Electricity

8. Batteries

9. Chargers (not necessarily the ones from San Diego, although I imagine they are a fine organization)

10. Light in darkness and darkness in light

Enter gratitude here

  1. Peace
  2. Doing what I can
  3. Filling out the Incredible Year workbook, it’s like writing a love letter to myself, to 2013, to life
  4. Loving what is, a la Byron Katie
  5. The way Ava delights in life
  6. My incredible, accommodating, lovely in-laws
  7. Blow up beds = baby toys
  8. My notebook, using it is like returning to a dear friend
  9. My aunt Belle sent me the most beautiful necklace and earrings. She has great taste!
  10. This glorious life

1. God

2. In and out of the doctor’s office

3. Chairs

4. Message from Helen

5. Message from Audrey

6. Paul and I completing a task

7. Hugs from Hannah

8.Hugs from David

9. Cassie’s appreciation

10. “No picture, or home video, or diary entry can begin to capture the nubbly texture, subtle tones, and secret shades of a family’s life as it is from one hour, or day, or season, to the next.  It has taken a while, but I know it now – the most wonderful gift we had, the gift I’ve finally learned to cherish above all else, was the gift of all those perfectly ordinary days.” Katrina Kenison, The Gift of an Ordinary Day

Deep breath

1. Elaborate and sneaky schemes to surprise someone

2. Coordinating schedules after a few failed attempts (feels more exciting that way -lol)

3. Fresh, clean sheets

4. Good news

5. Sales

6. Imagination

7. Doing business with folks who are flexible

8. Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack

9. Watching wonderful things happen for people you love

10. Sharing


  • Looking at a pair of old, well-worn, walking/running shoes and remembering where they traveled…
  • On ocean beaches…
  • …picking up seashells
  • In mountain meadows
  • Fly fishing in a mountain stream
  • Hiking in forested mountain trails
  • On sidewalks
  • At the mall
  • On gravel roads
  • Airports
  • Lawn
  • River’s edge
  • Where have your shoes traveled? :):)


1. Feeling better

2. Technology

3. Making sales

4. Photographs

5. A new baby in the family

6. The memories it brings of having my own baby 10 years ago <3

7. Hooded sweatshirts

8. Endless possibilities

9. Renewing library books online

10. Communication

Move #1 Complete

  1. We’re officially moved from our old house (but not yet in our new one) thanks to a TON of help!
  2. Julie, Elle, Dale, Brian, Sally and my in-laws all helped pack, load, clean…and they all did it with light hearts and smiling faces:)
  3. Saying goodbye to our old house was bittersweet. What a beautiful way to end 2012
  4. We had the most wonderful title agent, super helpful and friendly
  5. Our realtor too, rocks- he sent a text at 1:30am when he knew we’d want the info asap!
  6. m
  7.  My inlaws are such incredible blessings, willing to go to any length to help
  8. We couldn’t do anything without community, could we?
  9. My husband is the best- he did so much!
  10. This life:)