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2012 Family Gratitude

  • God’s Abundance
  • “We Love Gratitude”
  • Health and Healing
  • New homes and land
  • Milestones:  birth of a precious baby girl…
  • …1st, 21st, 30th, 50th birthdays…
  • …a 30th wedding anniversary…
  • …retirements: 30 yrs. and 38 yrs.
  • Safe travel for our family, worldwide and at home
  • Looking way back, before 2012…An interesting man whose 97 yr. old mother gave him a box of taken by his photographer father and grandfather; the pics are historical, e.g., some taken when the Golden Gate Bridge was being built, some from the 1800’s..and when Hoover Dam was constructed..and many more.


1. A clean and organized work area

2. Still having to pause and figure out what day it is :)

3. Logan has many fun social activities planned this week.

4. My husband…He’s more supportive than I’ve been giving him credit for.

5. The internet

6. Holiday traditions

7. Knowing that everything will work out…

8. Email reminders from the library

9. Cutting back

10. Keeping in touch…


1. Logan did an indoor triathlon this morning, and he did awesome.

2. He was the only kid that signed up, and he hung in there with the big guys. :)

3. Friends from out of town braved the snow to come do the event.

4. Taking the time to play with my sweet boy <3

5. After all was said and done, I kissed his forehead and realized that he had a fever. He is such a trooper.

6. Snuggling and watching movies

7. Comfort food


9. Changing what doesn't work

10. Laughing

Home Gratitude

There are so, so many things about our new home I’m grateful for. Here are a few:

  1. The leather chair the previous homeowners left here for us (it’s almost this one) which I’m using in my master bedroom reading nook :) (Thanks to my husband for hauling it upstairs for me)
  2. The covered porch, which runs the length of the house and is such a beautiful place to look through the trees, even from inside the house
  3. The hardwood floors throughout. No more vacuuming!
  4. The open bannister on the stairs and loft area. I found a great deal on garland after Christmas, and it looks so festive and homey.
  5. The loft area, which is where the bookshelves are- which means it’s a library :)
  6. The kitchen, which is so adorable and perfect I could write four lists on it alone
  7. “My” closet, which means I have my “own” closet, and it’s more like a little room!
  8. Our bedroom also has a little balcony. I’ve been in love with bedroom balconies since I was a little girl!
  9. The people who built this house loved French doors- there are four I can think of.
  10. Our little house nestled in the pine trees:) It feels like home.

Saying “So Long”

  • Our awesome son-in-law…
  • …Retiring after 38 years in the military
  • The Commander of his unit
  • A Pilot who made his last military flight
  • Has had 4 deployments
  • Was awarded the Bronze Star!
  • In looking at his office at the facility, realizing how many interesting stories it tells:  pictures/paintings from trips around the world, including from his good friend in Australia…
  • …and most important, pictures of his dear wife and children showing where his heart is.
  • Emotional
  • New Beginnings!

Thanks to:

1.  my husband, who is loyal and kind

2.  my son and daughter who stick by me during good times and rough times

3.  my daughter-in-law who has a huge heart for everyone in her life

4.  my grandsons who are total miracles to me, and fun and interesting to be around

5.  my friends, for fun, caring, and adventures

6.  my mail carrier, who cheerfully delivers the mail

7.  my general doctor, who takes her time and is very patient and informative

8.  my pharmacist, who answers questions and gives good advice

9.  the people who keep my street cleaned in the winter

10.  all the other people who help make this life easier!