Monthly Archives: February 2013

Collecting yourself

1. Morning pep talks

2. Sharing a quiet breakfast

3. Steering your thoughts

4. Making a plan

5. Seeing the silly in something that’s tough

6. Focusing on what you give rather than what you get

7. Woodward Park sights and smells

8. Practicing

9. Figuring out the specific place you’re getting hung up at

10. Small bites

1. God

2. Generosity

3. rain

4. Help with decisions

5. A kind doctor

6. A compassionate nurse

7. A welcoming technician

8. OK for now

9. Cassie taking care of me

1o. Four cats on the bed and one on the sweater chest

“Yet I keep hoping … that we might strike more of a balance between being and doing, between meeting the demands of life and pausing long enough to appreciate its sweet rewards.” Katrina Kenison, The Gift of an Ordinary Day



Heads up, leg up

1. When communication comes easy

2. Finally understanding

3. Coming up with the right answer

4. Alternative solutions

5. Gaining momentum

6. Knowing the person on the other end of the line is smiling

7. Getting caught up on tasks

8. Using your break to express gratitude

9. Thoughtful messages

10. Standing tall and looking people in the eye


  1. Being honest with myself
  2. Noticing when something’s not working
  3. Partners in helping to change it
  4. My incredible husband
  5. Adventures
  6. All the great information on the internet
  7. Classical music
  8. Soothing rituals
  9. Asking for help
  10. This moment

tickles :):)

  • Country Barn..cozy little shop and, yes, in a barn
  • GPa’s chili
  • Baby wipes..they’re not just for humans any more
  • Wheatgrass
  • Fresh pineapple
  • Lengthy “girl” talks
  • Lists on a huge white board
  • Motorhomes
  • Black satin evening dress
  • “He who tickles himself can be happy whenever he wants.” :):)


1. Power shakes

2. My “Graze” box

3. Lists

4. Victoria’s Secret

5. Fresh herbs

6. Inter-library loan system

7. Weather climbing toward the 70’s

8. Dinner with friends

9. Seeing the difference you’ve made

10.  Loving the skin you’re in


  1. The first baby watermelons of the season
  2. Brilliant sunshine
  3. Solving mysteries
  4. My heroic husband
  5. Pushing through when needed
  6. Not pushing when it’s not, but resting instead
  7. An authoritative treatise on miso
  8. A quiet house
  9. Oranges with red flesh
  10. Now