Monthly Archives: March 2013


1. Talking about the hard stuff- even though it’s, well… the hard stuff

2. Naps and reading on a blanket at the park

3. Glittery cards bursting with sweet thoughts

4. Fresh inspiration in an area that has felt so stale

5. My old standby, Jackie Warner

6. The way having a good sweat sets you straight

7. Good fiction

8. Trust

9. Finishing the tough parts first

10. Staying grounded

Cry and Laugh about it All Again

  1. Last night, after I posted my list, my husband and I went to see Leonard Cohen in Louisville KY…
  2.  my favorite musician. We found our seats and waited for the show to start, and I was so excited and grateful tears were welling up in my eyes…
  3. He came on stage and started singing “Dance Me to the End of Love” and I lost it, I was bawling, happy tears
  4. He was wonderful, sang all my favorites (Suzanne, Going Home, Dance Me, Blue Raincoat, So Long Marianne, Take this Waltz, and of course Hallelujah)
  5. Which are others’ favorites as well- after So Long Marianne, one woman yelled over the applause, “BEST EASTER EVER!” -I couldn’t agree more!
  6. I never imagined when I fell in love with his songs so many years ago that one day I’d see and hear him live…never thought to ask for such a wonderful gift
  7. I bought his book of poems, Book of Longing, which he wrote while studying Zen at Mount Baldy, and is incredible
  8. If possible, it makes me love Zen and Leonard both more
  9. My incredible husband, for making the trip possible
  10. My absolutely incredible friends, Julie and Elle, who roadtripped with us (over Easter!) and helped in so many ways

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” Anthem, Leonard Cohen


1. God

2. Sunlight

3. Kind wishes

4. Lawn chairs

5. Ella rolling around on the asphalt

6. A hose

7.  Tomato plant shoots in egg containers

8. Blue chair

9. Michel and Bill came to visit

10. Flowers stretching toward the light

1. God

2. People who give their time  and themselves

3. Roxanne

4. Signs of spring

5. Engaged students

6. Fun with Easter eggs

7. Cats free to roam

8. Finding things

9. Tulip shoots

10. “Gratitude runs the gamut from shaking your head and saying, “Thanks, wow, I appreciate it so much,” for your continued health, or a good day at work, or the first blooms of the daisies in the public park, to saying, “Thanks, that’s a relief,” when it’s not the transmission, or an abcess, or an audit notice from the IRS.  “Thanks” can be the recognition that you have been blessed mildly, or with a feeling as intense as despair at the miracle of having been spared.  You say Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou: My wife is going to live.  We get to stay in this house. They found my son: he’s in jail, but he’s alive; we know where he is and he’s safe for the night.”  Anne Lamott, Help Thanks Wow: The Three Essential Prayers


  1. Crocuses in the garden! What a lovely surprise:)
  2. An hour of unexpectd free time
  3. Yoga books
  4. Yoga
  5. Feeling free
  6. Riding in the car when it feels like spring
  7. Open curtains, windows, light pouring in
  8. Getting allll the laundry done
  9. Hanging on the porch
  10. This

Taking off

1. Gratitude lists that make your heart smile

2. Giving positive feedback

3. The crack made when a baseball hits the bat in the middle of a desert

4. Date shakes

5. Committment

6. Rest areas

7. Someone to root you on when you think you don’t have it in you to finish

8. Unexpected upgrades

9. Sunscreen

10. Days without digital gadgets