Monthly Archives: March 2013

biscotti and juice

Very Grateful for~

God’s Blessings


Work to do

Fresh juice

Mary’s pistachio biscotti

The girls at the cleaners finding all the clothes and getting the order correct

A new coffee stand finally opening

Finishing the admission packet

Garrett’s quote from Anne Lamont in yesterday’s list

The uncreative mind can spot wrong answers, but it takes a very creative mind to spot wrong questions. ~ Antony Jay

1. God

2. Health

3. Reassurance from Sharon

4. A sky blue dress with red stripes

5. And the woman in it

6. Compassion

7. Children

8. A car that runs

9. Traffic works

10.  Ears that magnify sound which neurons carry to the brain, some kind of process

“We and life are spectacularly complex.  Often we do not get our way, which I hate, hate, hate.  But in my saner moments I remember that if we did, usually we would shortchange ourselves.  Sometimes circumstances conspire to remind us or even let us glimpse how thin the membrane is between here and there, between birth and the grave, between the human and the divine.  In wonder at the occasional direct experience of this, we say, Thank You.”  Anne Lamont, Help Thanks Wow: The Three Essential Prayers



1. God

2. Yet once more

3. Pictures of Emily sent by Chris

4. Humor

5. Fuchsia hyancinths

6. Feet on the ground

7.  For someone else

8. The orchestra

9. Instruments with orchestral qualities, such as the piano, the guitar, the drums

10. The piano music of Robert Schumann




  1. The beautiful male cardinal who shows up at the feeder every evening between 6:30-7
  2. Thinking about birds and their habits, wonder if he follows the same pattern every day
  3. The elderly neighbor behind us goes somewhere every morning for about an hour- breakfast? Love watching the routines of the country unfold
  4. Feeling better is such an amazing relief when you haven’t felt good
  5. Research that might change lives
  6. Admitting I am deficient and seeking to fix it (instead of pretending I’m not)
  7. Belly laughs
  8. Calm seas after the emotional storm (maybe a bit of driftwood and some grey clouds, still)
  9. Opening myself up to more
  10. Now

1. God

2. Cassie seeing to things

3. Quick and solid work from Pierre and Tony

4. Learning bridge from Charlene and Richard, and their hospitality

5. Cards

6. Images

7. Making peace with WGU

8. Muffin appears to like Beethoven


safety and watchfulness

Very Grateful for~

God’s watchfulness

What doesn’t change amid change

These two poems: The Fixer and Afraid of Anger

Oven mitts

Coffee with Amelia

Beautiful singing

Carrot/kale/apple/pear juice

Being inside from the sudden cold snap

Dad’s prayers

The Eternal keeps you safe, so close to Him that His shadow is a cooling shade to you.
Neither bright light of sun, nor dim light of moon will harm you. The Eternal will keep you safe
Psalm 121:5-8

Dinner Gratitude

  1. Going out for dinner with a group of people who became friends instantly
  2. Actually going out to dinner with a baby – miraculous
  3. Spirulina in my juice, so great
  4. People who love to hold babies for tired parents (and babies who instantly bond with new people, yay)
  5. A great band, Troubadors of Divine Bliss, love their story
  6. Connecting with like-minded souls
  7. People who go “underground” when their calling calls for it
  8. Little insights into the future
  9. lovig what’s here, regardless
  10. Now

At liberty

1. Giving space to vivid imagination

2. Drinking your surroundings

3. Hot tubs

4. The equivalent of your brain “pumping iron”

5. Gradual emergence of a more complete understanding

6. Looking back to note extensive progress

7. Awash in light and warmth

8. When people glow

9. Rockin’ what you got

10. My grown-up hula hoop