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Grateful for Little League!

1.  It’s baseball season again!  Hooray!

2.  Two grandsons on teams!  Yippee!

3.  Sitting in the sunshine and watching kids play their hearts out!

4.  At one game, Nate was pitching for the Reds and it wasn’t going well — sad face out there . . .

5.  But then tonight, Nate pitched again, and struck those batters out — one, two three!  Smiling pitcher!

6.  Andrew is on the Orioles, a younger team, and so fun to watch — always surprises.

7.  The Orioles is sponsored by “The Black Keys”!  They’re from Akron and there’s a friendship connection.  Yahoo!

8.  My son and husband coach both teams, so it’s fun to watch them too.

9.  Many years ago, my husband coached my son, Kevin and daughter, Maribeth.  Wowzers!

10.  Oh yes, Nate got two home runs tonight too!



  1. Sharing in someone’s really exciting news
  2. Spending almost all day outside
  3. Friends who listen with their whole hearts
  4. Learning I was wrong about something- and it was a great news error!
  5. Grateful I saw the spider before s/he got any more comfortable in the house
  6. Walking at the near-empty park, in perfect weather, with bare feet, while my baby slept against my chest
  7. Coming across a fort made of sticks (a big one!)
  8. A meandering garden path that inspired me for our garden
  9. Precious prairie dresses and sunbonnets
  10. this, all of this

Talk to me

1. A friend who reinvigorates your sense of gratitude

2. Perfect timing

3. Knowing when you’re “rich”

4. Actually doing the small things

5. Sharing with someone who gets it

6. When you feel space in your body

7. Making lists to stay organized, motivated, and encouraged

8. A partner who knows just what to say

9. Overabundance

10. Finding new ways to give

two gardens

Very Grateful for~

God’s patience
this idea… Sadness is a wall between two gardens. ~ Kahlil Gibran from a post in

And this idea,There are so many things that we would never do unless we were down to our last straw and pushed to the very edge until there was nothing left to do but to find a better way.” From Brave Girls Club

Rare Monday tennis

the memory of reading Mary Oliver’s poetry on the plane at 30000 feet, encircled in clouds

promising news for Jennifer

pedis with Lori

Ruby, under the chair right now


Stuck is a game. One that we don’t have to play. One that we can toss to floor. Where we can turn the lights on anytime. We can drop stuck anytime if we are willing to abandon the need to prove who we are and get on with the task of actually living. ~JoAnna Rothman

1. God

2. Katy buying coffee for me and telling me about life

3. Learning

4. Spring colors

5. Poetry

6. Science

7. Medicine

8. Crystal’s creations We Love Gratitude and Creative Spiritual Women

9. Any moment I’m in


“The transfer of concepts as models from one field to another requires intimacy, informality and friendliness, because the transfer usually is not a conscious process.  Models for physics may come from music, for chemistry from physics, for art from cosmology. The great historic periods of spectacular human advance within time spans of relatively few generations may have been periods in which society made possible the concentrated interplay of the separate contributions of creative individuals.”  Edwin H. Land

Mirror, mirror

  1. Walking with my baby on my back
  2. Sharing a smoothie
  3. Deep red tulips
  4. Unearthing the root of things
  5. Loving myself no matter what
  6. EFT
  7. Books that you have to read in small doses, they’re so rich
  8. The cardinal who fights with his reflection, defending his mate
  9. Aren’t we all fighting our reflections?
  10. This


Very Grateful for~

God’s promises

Zonker’s work and reliability

Dr. Barell’s encouragement

Amelia’s contract renewal for the next school year

Amelia’s contract renewal for the next school year

Amelia’s contract renewal for the next school year

Amelia’s contract renewal for the next school year

Amelia’s contract renewal for the next school year

Amelia’s contract renewal for the next school year

Amelia’s contract renewal for the next school year

Success,” said Winston Churchill, “is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” (perhaps exchanging the word “lesson” for “failure”)

This breath

  1. My intuition
  2. Being reminded what happens when I don’t trust it
  3. Staying centered
  4. Realizing not only can I change my mind at the last minute, but if my intuition speaks up, I must
  5. Rain
  6. Not being swayed
  7. Yet keeping my heart open
  8. Divine missed connections
  9. Seeing my own progress, without comparison to others
  10. This breath

1. God

2. Cassie’s red wagon

3. Hauling compost to the garden

4. Putting down roots

5. Pulling up roots

6. One at a time

7. Lawn and refuse bags (although the trash collectors could decline to take them)

8. Repurposing a stump

9. Covered with dirt

10. The heat of the day