Monthly Archives: June 2013


  1. Got to see Diane and Sara today- and they delivered the dresser! Gave them the pull-out couch that was here when we moved in- it weighs about 300 lbs, but we got it moved
  2. Walking barefoot
  3. My little one in her swing, giggling
  4. Soup that uses up everything I need to use up in the fridge
  5. Chipping away at projects
  6. Naps (since I never mention them…)
  7. Things working out just perfectly
  8. Letting go of the outcome
  9. Resting
  10. This

random thoughts…

  • Being able to use the computer again…especially for WeLoveGratitude!
  • Neighbor’s cat jumping over the fence, having fun romping, so fluffy and cute :)
  • Unexpected meeting with someone I hadn’t seen in many years..
  • Pleasant visits, catching up
  • GPa’s right wrist injury (he’s okay)…
  • …discussing how we are grateful to be able to do simple and basic tasks
  • Libraries…I love them and always have :)
  • Dictionaries…used to “read” them :)
  • Maps…Love maps and geography :)
  • Okay…GPa is out with the dusty westerns and in with the miracles of the solar system, universe, through the wormhole!

1. God

2. Crustaceans

3. Pots (of water) that boil without being watched

4. Charlene and Richard

5. A friendly person at the bank

6. Cassie likes Pandora radio

7. Lush trees on the village green

8. Herb garden

9. New information

10. Recall

Sweet Saturday

1. Getting up early…What a good time to get things done!

2. I took my dog for two nice walks today…It’s so good for both of us. :)

3. Our front porch

4. Meal planning…I don’t always do it, but it is a good thing! Lol

5. Making a shirt for myself

6. My next door neighbor, Barb

7. Talking to my mom

8. Keeping my unpleasant mood in check…

9. More broccoli from the garden…It’s the best!

10. Logan reading his National Geographic Kids <3

signs of summer :)

  • Helicopters with their buckets carrying water for forest fires
  • More license plates from: Utah, Indiana, New Jersey
  • The fireworks stands being set up…outside the city limits
  • Cookie’s hair cut…she looks adorable
  • GSon made it safely to Vermont!
  • A National Guard man coming up to GPa and thanking him for his service … and of course GPa’s gratitude to him
  • Apple, grape, pineapple juice drink..yummy
  • Alfalfa, mung, raddish sprouts
  • The large stainless steel knives that I use daily and bought at a mall on the Oregon Coast 20 yrs. ago!
  • 93+ degrees today :):)

1. God

2. David’s patience

3. Emails from Helen

4. That Andrea Rose’s Sugaree is well

5. Passing along job possibilities to Terri

6. Liz responding to my email

7. Chris’s persistence

8. Neighbors

9. Any world that I’m welcome to

10. Muffin visiting in the night


Car Love

  • Manifesting the new car I dreamed of on my last list. Wow oh wow!!!
  • Having amazing friends who helped me find the perfect car within my budget (shameless name dropping, Nick Bettle at Ron Marhofer in Cuyahoga Falls)
  • Leaving the radio on for the end of a song. Today I was jamming to “Movin On Up”, so appropriate
  • My parents loving support and approval (which made me cry, thanks guys)
  • Cleaning out my old car, filled with memories. Also, filled with eight pairs of shoes, two games, three books, some stickers and a set of roller blades
  • The excitement of my insurance agent “and when did you get your new car.. You’re at the dealership right now?! Oh my gosh!”
  • Being grateful for all my new car can do. Like shift, brake, have zero oil leaks etc
  • Getting to drive my parents to dinner with lots of advice on the way “don’t drive too fast..vary your speed..”
  • All the emotions of sharing a milestone with my mom. So many feelings
  • Feeling I have a car that reflects who I am and where I’m going


Wishing you the spark to fuel your dreams for the highway of destiny (with ample leg room and lots of cupholders)

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone here who visualized the perfect car arriving at the perfect time.  Pretty powerful stuff.  I keep looking outside at a beautiful indigo car and being amazed over and over that it’s mine!


  1. My little one grabs and eats handfuls of fresh basil while we’re out on the patio. She voluntarily eats greens! Yay vitamin K!
  2. My husband replaced the rope in a baby swing for her, and now she giggles and swings to her heart’s content
  3. I’ve had a comic in my head for awhile (to draw)- finally got the chance today, and it immediately lead to a new connection and potentially more strips
  4. Heard great Nuf news today, so excited about where the company is going
  5. Being able to help make things happen
  6. Following my intuition
  7. Watching all the beauty around me
  8. Feelig really blessed and happy
  9. Loving what is
  10. This