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1. Being realistic

2. Growing food…and lots of it

3. Knowing what needs to be done

4. Doing what needs to be done

5. Appreciating seemingly small moments

6. Keeping my mouth shut

7. Summer weather

8. My husband makes me laugh

9. Cutting back

10. Contentment

Happy Wednesday!

  • Noticing the gas pump was reversed, the high octane $$ was on the left, before I pushed the button. Phew!
  • Having a lovely dinner with my friend and coworker, Irene. We have such a good time at work it was great to relax and talk together.  I’m so grateful for her!
  • Going to the county fair with an old friend. All of the sights, sounds and smells are doubly fun when shared
  • Seeing Carol (from WLG) at my store! She shared some things she is grateful for, which reminded me of some of my own. It was a mini WLG in real life! Love you Carol!
  • Thinking about what it means to be rich, in every way
  • The number of cocktails you can make with vodka +one thing (Bloody Mary, Screwdriver, Cranberry Vodka/Vodka Cranberry -depending on the ratios, Vodka Tonic/Soda…) Hosted a girls night last week with one bottle alone. Okay, maybe more than one.  Dancing and laughter all night!
  • Being inspired by the many amazing managers I’ve met through work. All with completely different managing styles. I’m soaking up all I can learn from them (Nick, Jadwiga, Brian, Terry, Linda, Jeff, Hein, Christie…)
  • The new company-wide program, focused on telling our coworkers something we appreciate about them everyday (and how to make the most of it in the store). Everyone loves to be appreciated and lifts the whole mood of the store. I really look forward to noticing something great in my coworkers each day
  • Reading my mom’s blogs and WLG lists. I have a special ringtone on my phone just for those

Wishing you infinite opportunities to notice the good in everyone and share it contagiously

“On the 9th day God created a dog”

My daughter suffers from depression and her therapist thought a dog would help. “Someone who is happy to see me!” she pleaded.

So one Saturday afternoon we went an Adoptathon at the Twinsburg Animal shelter.

The noise was unbelievable! Every dog barked picked me,pick me! We knew we didn’t want a puppy and I didn’t want a hyper dog so we started eliminating.

Megan fell in love with a brown lab-bright eyed and sassy. She seemed too energetic. My daughter referred to her as a sports car.

The worker suggested a dog we had overlooked because he was so quiet. “Colonel Mustard is a good dog.Just look at those eyes.” Those brown eyes promised love and loyalty. Not a sports car but a sedan.

She explained that he had been brought in torn up by another dog (or dogs). He had to have surgery to repair his many bites.He carries the scars. But his trust of people was unencumbered though his trust of dogs was wary. The worker speculated he had been abandoned and then attacked.

His one ear wouldn’t stay up because of an injury and we quickly renamed him Van Gogh. He is a good fit for our family.

My hubby cares for him in the day. He learns new tricks easily. They are best buddies.

He has provided common ground for a father and daughter that didn’t have much to talk about.

I never realized what good listeners dogs were! Or how often they want to fetch that rope! Or how they actually listen to instructions! (We have cats, they are arrogant!) Van Gogh has given us unconditional love and someone who is happy to see us-everytime!



  1. Had a wonderful time being interviewed by Sarah of I Heart My Daily Practice today, such amazing things she & Amy are putting out into the world
  2. Little drawings that make me smile
  3. Focusing on what I love- I never get tired of that practice
  4. Time alone to create
  5. Breathing, just inhaling and exhaling
  6. Figuring out how to illustrate something
  7. Letting things go for awhile
  8. Acknowledging instead of ignoring
  9. Patience
  10. This

Tired, Tired, Tuesday…

1. Reading gratitude lists after a long, stressful day

2. I wish I could comment and them all, but I am running out of steam…Thank you all for sharing!!!

3. My sweet Sugaree is limping, but she has a vet appt. I am so grateful that we can afford to care for her.

4. Finishing a stressful project…

5. Logan is so sweet and supportive.

6. He is doing really well, selling his cookies. I am so proud of him!

7. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

8. My house…There are so many things that I love about it.

9. Organization

10. Being present <3

Hooray for sushi!!

A visit with a dear friend, who presented me with a jar of homemade applesauce (among other yummy things).  It’s delicious!  It brought back memories of when I would help my mom make applesauce.  The smell of the apples cooking was so wonderful!  Thank you, Laura, for visiting, for the wonderful gifts, and for the great memories that you stirred up within me!

Patient friends who waited more than an hour at one of my favorite restaurants, without complaining, because they knew that I was looking forward to eating there.  The service is normally very fast, but last night the restaurant was filled, and there was only one waitress.  She’s very efficient, but with the number of patrons, it still took a long time for everyone to be served.  We never ran out of things to talk about, or to giggle about.  It was a wonderful, relaxing evening.

I am grateful that Kylia talked me into getting sushi at the restaurant last night.  I don’t like fish sushi, but I like the California rolls (made with veggies).  It tasted better to me than anything I’ve eaten in a restaurant in the past month!  Hooray!!!

Seeing Kari’s big smile, with no braces!  Beautiful!

These days, my husband does the laundry more than I do, although sometimes I try to get a load in the washer before he notices, or at least move things from the washer to the dryer.  Regardless of who does the laundry, I love the feeling and the smell of freshly laundered clothes.

The highlight of many days, for me, is when the mail is delivered.  I’ve always liked to see what arrives in the mail, but in the past month or two, nearly every day has brought a card or two, or a package.  It’s so exciting and a real day brightener!  I am grateful for all who have taken the time to send a card or a package.

Looking at the ribbons of pictures on the wall next to my chair, I am reminded of so many good times in my life.  I am grateful for all the interesting, fun, amazing and happy times!  Wow, there were a lot!  And more are happening every day!

I am grateful for Facebook that enables me to keep in touch with so many people I don’t get to see in person.  I love reading what they are doing and seeing pictures of their families, friends, cars, houses, gardens, sports, crops, barns….and everything else.  It’s so nice to reconnect with people that I love, but don’t see often enough (or ever.)

I’m grateful for my insurance company.  They are known for having excellent customer service, and they do.  They are always friendly, kind, helpful and caring.

So glad to get a phone call from my brother, Gary, in North Carolina!  Great to catch up on all the family members in NC, and nice to bring Gary up to date on all that we have been doing, and how I’ve been feeling.   A phone call from my brother always gives me a boost!

More precious than diamonds and rubies

What a wonderful treasure to have a day free! The possibilities interwoven among the catch up necessities.

Accepting who you are and where you are with joy.

Laughing out loud before 8:00am at my daughter’s adventure and her recounting it on Facebook. It was comedy of errors, complete with a stranger seeing her in her orange and green bra.

Hear my hubby waking up is like listening to a baby monitor. He cough and murmurs to himself. He is there and I am grateful especially after last week when I thought he was ill.

Just three days till dress rehearsal for Cotton Patch Gospel. We are a bedraggled lot but our spirits soar on stage.

Finding sandals the end of July. They are comfortable too!

Having Carol  say she would pay anything to see me on stage made my rehearsal last night fine tuned and confident. A word of hope is a balm to a parched soul.

Reaching out to someone who is overwhelmed. Reaching down to help someone up. Reaching over to squeeze a hand. Reaching towards the heavens to give thanks.Isn’t wonderful the many directions we can reach if we remember to.


Cotton Patch Gospel -Friday August 2 at 7:30pm,Saturday August 3 at 7:30pm and Sunday August 4 at 2;30pm.

First Christian Church of Stow 3493 Darrow Road corner of 59 & 91.






1. God

2. Having enough time

3. Cassie inviting Terry to visit.  Terry is a kind person, non-judgmental, very live and let live

4. Albie lapping up the water

5. David’s progress

6. I called John to ask a favor and he spent quite a bit of time on the phone with me which I appreciate

7. Rising without an alarm

8. Muffin sitting on top of the stack of music books on the piano

9. Good advice

10. A rainbow visible for miles on the turnpike, like you could drive under except never get there, hence the expression rainbow bridge?

11. Pegasus rubbing up against me, could he mean me?

Dryer Sheets

  • Library books that are magically transported to my nearest library
  • Realizing (thanks to an email reminder) that I didn’t return a book- and I renewed it, and I’m glad it’s still here
  • Finding a little play kitchen on the side of the road while we happened to be in the Jeep, so I could pick it up!
  • Learning about Waldorf and Montessori methods, great little gems of info to incorporate into my own mothering practices
  • I thought I was going to clean the carpet in the guest nest today, but my husband took over! How sweet of him.
  • Our next-door neighbor had dryer sheets pinned to her shirt, and she said it works great to keep the mosquitoes away. My grandma had told me about this too- but when I tried it, I tucked them in pockets instead of leaving them exposed, so I have something new to try!
  • Routines
  • Trying to imagine how someone else’s life is. Very compassionate practice
  • Good news about my drawings
  • This