Monthly Archives: August 2013


  1. Phonechats with my gma
  2. Hearing good news from an old client
  3. Michaelmas, which is Sept 27, love the symbolism and thinking of ways to celebrate it
  4. My daughter’s fascination with things
  5. Her mind, open and receptive
  6. And her utter joy, it’s my joy finding new ways to unearth hers :)
  7. Making the most of days
  8. Plans to not go anywhere or do anything tomorrow
  9. All of life, brimming with wonder
  10. this :)

a productive saturday

grateful for:

the energy to dig up a large part of the garden to make room for a beautiful blue hydrangea

spending time with my mom

taking a beautiful drive in the country on a beautiful day to get some peaches at the orchard

wesley fixed my car and it didn’t cost anything!

a friend who likes to get together early in the morning like I do – we had fun sketching in the woods this morning


tri-C – for giving me a refund on some textbooks even though I had lost the receipt

finally got the paint scraped off the back door and it is ready to paint again

my son who gave me his old I-touch and my daughter who helped me load my favorite songs

crossing things off the list!



fasten your seat belts :)

  • Reluctantly leaving beautiful Ohio
  • Appreciating the lush green everywhere
  • Warm temps with a little humidity…
  • …and warm o/night with no need to start a furnace to take the early a.m. chill off :)
  • Mark’s excellent driving!!
  • Arriving at the airport in the  v e r y   e a r l y  morning :)
  • Again transferring at O’Hare…and…
  • …on board heading for Bozeman, the pilot explained regarding placing overhead luggage so that…
  • …… “You can place your fly rods in that area”  :)
  • There was no doubt we were heading for Montana :):)

1. God

2. The elderly lady in the bank wearing thick glasses and saying to the teller “just give me whatever’s in the drawer.”  If I hadn’t known better, I’d have thought I was walking in on a robbery.

3. The man on the street holding his travel cup at an angle, looking perplexed.  I almost put money in it. Somehow I don’t think he would have been amused.

4.  Smiling for no reason

5. Various shades of mint

6. Many black cats (and one ornery calico, or maybe she’s just misunderstood)

7. Few summer nights

8. New flowers growing after deadheading

9. Donna’s gratefulness

10. Everybody else’s for that matter

11. From Laurie “knowledge is the least of our talents”


  • Crystal’s thoughtfulness in placing wall maps in the guest nest :)
  • Don Drumm Studio & Gallery…intriguing
  • Great children’s toys
  • Dancing with ggdaughter to “Girl From Ipanema”….and…
  • …Leonard Cohen’s “Dance Me to the End of Love”
  • Cathy and I following the GPS…it worked beautifully!
  • Panera restaurant
  • One Million Books store…Wow!
  • Keri Smith books
  • Lunch with Cathy and Cheryl :)


  1. Nighttime
  2. Gettin things done
  3. Simplifying, decluttering, throwing out
  4. Wiping clean
  5. Tables with tablecloths and tea lights
  6. Strategically-placed words
  7. A miscommunication this morning lead to great things
  8. My daughter, who I would go to the ends of the earth for (and sometimes it feels like I am)
  9. My husband, my best friend
  10. This

Goodness abounds

Riding my exercise bike and reaching a new distance goal each day

Taking walks around our property and enjoying the fresh air, exercise and beauty of nature.

Waking up next to my husband and cherishing the moment.

Bright blue and pink flowers

Mel’s garden she planted for Faun and I, filled with pink flowers

A delicious breakfast of bananas and yogurt

The huge basket of flowers, from Dance for Ruth.  It looks like a basket of sunshine and rainbows and always make me smile.

Sunlight shining through the windows

Helpful ideas from my step-daughter, Kelly

Another fun trip to Akron today with Kylia

A nice phone call from Kari


  • Walking on a lovely country road
  • Mark cutting branches of a  v e r y  t a l l  tree!
  • Sound of the chainsaw
  • Raining sawdust
  • A great blower to clear the sawdust away
  • Cardinals in all of their red glory
  • Topiary
  • Owls
  • Fireflies
  • Late night conversation