Monthly Archives: September 2013

Today I am grateful for:

– The consistency of my friend Andrew.

– Finally got a good picture of our twins together in which they are smiling and neither is moving.

– Communicating with my wife and having learned (the hard way) the importance of communication.

– Having great brother and sister in laws.

– Big family picnic yesterday and seeing Uncle Fred.  Also getting an email from cousin Doug.

Happy Michaelmas

  1. Wholesome magic
  2. A happy Michaelmas party
  3. Hilarious running and running and runnin trying to get kites up with no wind
  4. Frisbee instead
  5. A spontaneous hug from Elle, when I gave her the leftover frosting
  6. A Michaelmas feast- Becky’s amazing squash chili, pumpkin pasties, fruit & veggies, apple pie and vanilla cake
  7. The gift of beautiful jewelry from Michelle
  8. My husband
  9. My daughter, who keeps everyone on their toes
  10. This

1. God

2. The wedding dance

3. The couple’s happiness

4. And that of the parents

5. A boat ride on the pond

6. The young women who helped us in and out of the boats

7. Everything old is new again

8. Carrot cake for Cassie

9. “I will never grow so old again”

10. More than enough

my saturday list

people from our homeschooling days who remain friends

a friend who gives me “hand-me-downs and leftovers” from her gardening business – it’s how I built my garden

art supplies

good soup recipes

my daughter’s car that keeps on ticking when it really should have fallen apart a long time ago

sour dough bread – yum

my beautiful hibiscus plant

my oldest son – a great conversationalist who loves to share his opinions

and his dedication to his chosen profession

my old journals – i love looking back and reading what was important in our lives 3, 5, or 10 years ago


Swiss Gourmet

  1. Connecting with other moms
  2. Great new tips for canning
  3. Watching my little one change and grow
  4. Making pumpkin pasties to freeze for Sunday
  5. And birthday cake, for the two with birthdays near who are coming
  6. Swiss Gourmet apples
  7. The most amazing potato soup- for the third week in a row
  8. Being able to give and share
  9. Children- they’re all so amazing and precious
  10. This