i’m grateful for:

pouring down rain – even if it makes the hallway ceiling leak, i keep forgetting to water our new hydrangea so now maybe it won’t die

the strength to actively work at letting my youngest child (19 years) stretch her wings and be more independent and as she says “let her make her own mistakes” – after all, I was married when I was 19 – but it’s still hard

circumstances that will bring our oldest son home next week to stay with us for a month – it will be fun to have him home even though I’m gonna have to cook more regularly!

spending time with my mom trying to help her figure out new technology

getting up early to soft rain and a good book

and staying in my PJs until 10:00!

my daughter agreeing to let me help her with something – I thought she’d put up a fight!

color – the blue blue sky against the green leaves, the purple flowers against the lime green vine

allowing myself to relax after a long, hard week

reading other people’s lists


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