Monthly Archives: October 2013


  1. Long evening of rain and wind, perfect Halloween weather
  2. Trying pumpkin bread without oil (applesauce instead) and not being able to taste the difference
  3. Planning and imagining
  4. Finding the perfect solution to a dead end – and hopefully doubling the wonderfulness of my original plan
  5. Deciding to go off Facebook in November. Excited!
  6. Just realized something, thanks gratitude list, for sparking it!
  7. I’m full of mysteries tonight, which is also appropriate
  8. Decisiveness
  9. Brain-heart connection. Most people separate them as worlds apart, but I’m seeing them as best friends on the same team
  10. this fun part:)

tricks ‘n treats

  • Ready for the tricks’ntreaters tonight
  • Love the variety of fun costumes
  • My costume: Pumpkin earrings and cutezee apron with the flashing light sparkles :)
  • Hooray and congrats to the Boston Red Sox!!
  • Long phone conversation with my cousin
  • Barbara loves holding a real live book
  • Sharing a story with Cathy…
  • …and laughing like crazy :)
  • Our Capitol early a.m. traffic
  • Avon….the products (not the Shakespeare thingee) LOL :)

1. God

2. Baseball, made me feel like a kid again

3, I’m in heaven when you smile

4. Blessed to have family who make me laugh

5. Jack taking my humor and rolling with it

6. He would tease me about having a Harvard education. It was a while before I disabused him of that notion

7. He also teaches me the value of any education.  He didn’t go to college so he teaches himself, reads, writes his thoughts, poems and homilies, in rough and clear words.

8. Steps

9. Cells growing somewhere

10. “don’t tell me who i am  let me guess”




  1. Daughter discovered the hula hoops in the garage
  2. Drug them behind her everywhere, even took one in the car
  3. A few moments to email, it’s amazing to me now that I used to be online all day
  4. Inspiration to be a better person
  5. Pitted dates
  6. My husband handed me a paper in the store today and said “buy this, your name’s in it”
  7. But when I read the article, the way Jewell Cardwell wrote about Ruth made me misty
  8. I’m so grateful for all the people who want to help her, even a news reporter!
  9. And for Ruth, who brightens every life she touches
  10. thank you

Beautiful, restful days


Soothing lotion

Gentle hands

The smell of burning leaves

Cider fresh from the press

An eagerly awaited package arrives

Daily affirmations to keep me focused

A great friend who took the time to fix Kari’s car

A seemingly infinite number of kind, caring and loving friends

The kaleidoscope of fall colors that I can see from my deck.

1. God

2. It’s not what I thought

3. Not projecting negativity into the future

4. Got those jokes out of my system, can be serious now

5. Maeve’s hard work and out of this world smile

6. A tire pump

7. Paul callling even as he is busy

8. Cassie’s love for animals

9. David willing to discuss questions

10. Hannah taking responsibility

shivers and shakes

  • Rocky Mountain ShakeOut Day
  • Earthquake drill…duck, cover, hold on
  • Earth shaking memories…of my office in a brick building with the hanging plant swaying…apprehensive but not fearful…
  • …and another time at home with the huge dresser mirror also swaying back and forth but was okay…..answered prayer
  • Sign in our newspaper “Get Ready for Winter”…it showed up this morning with some snow :)
  • Beginning Christmas list :)
  • NFL – Packers won last night!
  • Phil called and asked to speak to Aaron Rodgers LOL….Phil’s a Denver fan/go Peyton :)
  • A woman in Butte MT gave birth to identical triplets, sons!!
  • One of my favorites:  “Each day is a gift..untie the ribbons”

these breaths ~ these smiles

October 28, 2013

Very Grateful for

God’s care

Study group friends

New bulletin boards


Amelia’s work ethic


Comfy shoes


These breaths

These smiles

You find yourself attached to your own image; and you find yourself attached to other people’s images. The trick is to become aware of these attachments and to become aware of the impermanence of them. ~Goldie Hawn

Red and gold

  1. More apples, we’re in heaven
  2. Budding book club
  3. Beautiful space in Peninsula
  4. Elle’s birthday
  5. Which was an excuse to make shortbread
  6. Children playing
  7. Streamers
  8. I was over-obsessed that Elle wouldn’t like her Gryffindor scarf, which took many hours, and now I can let that go
  9. Hot bath
  10. Now

the rock provider

Very Grateful for

God, the rock provider

The word “our”

A post on interruptions in our path

Realizing that my fear of failure was a rock in my path

Quiet times

A walk with Ruby at 4:00am


People who know how to fix cars

Remembering my keys

Knowing This: “Remember the peace you felt when the decision was finally made. Remember the clarity you felt when you knew the answer for sure. Remember that you knew it was right. What made it muddy was the outside opinions, preferences and judgments that really have no business making these kinds of decisions for your one beautiful, precious life.” ~Brave Girls’ Club

“The key to change is to let go of fear” – Roseanne Cash