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Special Ruth

It has been inspiring to read Ruth’s lists and become acquainted with her wise and joy filled words and communications.

I cherish the privilege of meeting and visiting with Ruth at Crystal’s Magic Pine Forest!  I remember Ruth’s mouth constantly curved into a smile, and her warm conversations directed toward gratitude for others.

To all of you who are friends of Ruth, personally and in this We Love Gratitude, what a blessing it is to view the very eloquent and meaningful expressions of love and appreciation for Ruth.

Ruth, a legacy of life.


Support.  Thank you Garrett, Crystal,  Helen and of course Dave for dedicating lists to my mom.  They are so comforting and help us to feel surrounded by love

This morning I read over some of moms lists from the past few months.  She always had an attitude of gratitude, positivity and joy.  I’m so grateful for her lists right now

Sticking together as a family.  So grateful mom found Dave

Soon after mom was diagnosed there was a huge hailstorm.  Through the pounding hail the sun streaked through the sky making everything beautiful.  I told mom then she was like that sunshine.  Relentlessly brilliant through any storm.  Yesterday morning the three of us watched the sunrise and Dave said he knew it was mom.  This morning I opened the blinds like mom always did and the sunlight came streaming in.  Good morning mom!

There aren’t enough words in the world to express my gratitude for my mom

Wishing you sunshine that touches your heart

So many things I would tell you

1. God

I saw the poem on Ruth’s blog  but  didn’t know that she has passed.

We didn’t meet in person.  We met here.  And then exchanged emails.  Honored with her words, whenever I received them. Words of appreciation and encouragement.

I was so moved by the Dance for Ruth and the benefit for her, and grateful to Crystal for her role in both of these events.

And the love of Dave and Kylia and Kari, and how much she loved you.

She also loved watermelons.

And wrote of a beautiful childhood memory of irises growing along the east side of her childhood home.

And her enjoyment of the largest steam engine train.

And Ruth worked in a gallery for many years as well as teaching.

I love Ruth’s story about, and love and appreciation for, her brother Gene

There was also a story she told about the preacher who decided to do something about complaining in his congregation

Ruth wrote, in gratitude to her husband and daughters, “Life is too short to spend it worrying.  Life is for living, laughing and loving.”

That’s how I will remember you, and this community that surrounds you.




Teacher of the Heart

  1. Ruth, who sailed away on Thanksgiving, leaving us so much to be thankful for
  2. Her daughters and husband, who have amazing work to do in the world
  3. The way everyone who knew her came away a better person
  4. She poured so much love into so many of us, she is everywhere, in so many hearts, smiling and laughing and still teaching
  5. The way one woman can change the world, one smile at a time
  6. The honor of having known her, of loving her, and even the honor of grieving her
  7. I am so grateful to have so many of the people she loved and who loved her in my life
  8. I remember her laughing, smiling, and being there for everyone else in the room, selfless and joyful, exquisitely joyful about it
  9. She is a leader who will always lead my heart, quietly, with a big smile, to be a better person
  10. I love you, Ruth

Dave’s grateful list to Ruth and friends

I’m grateful for:

Mary Haberle for providing Ruth with remedies and support that surely prolonged her life

To the entire staff of Crossroads Hospice of Green, thank you for your loving care and support including nurses Kristi, Heather and Jennifer, Linda Doss and aides Lydia and Sabrina

Crystal Pirri for organizing the Dance for Ruth

Jewell Cardwell of the Akron Beacon Journal for writing such a lovely account of that wonderful occasion

Cathy Thompson and family for their gifts of wonderful massage therapy

Debra-Lynn Hook for taking a skeptical photography participant and turning it into a treasured remembrance

Carol Bailey Floyd for her ever uplifting and creative gifts

Mowery’s Cider Mill for all of the wonderful trips

Nicole Kepp for organizing the Eastside co-op get together on Lake Erie

Ryan, Laura, Jordan, Nick, Kelly, Jadwiga, Keith and everyone else who came together to provide the benefit dinner and silent auction

Shelli Verbic for setting up the Ruth Radney Barnes Fund at Huntington Bank

I’m grateful for all of the dinners out with Faun and Kue (Ruth’s sister and her husband), Ruth and Faun would talk and laugh for hours.  It was such a happy time

My sister Barbara for all of her love and support and a GREAT bed

My wife’s “Cave Bear Clan” for their love, support and friendship

I’m grateful for our trip to Lake George New York

I’m grateful for our visit to North Carolina to see Gary and Elizabeth (her brother and his wife)

I’m grateful for the love Ruth gave my daughter Kelly

I’m grateful to Ruth for being my friend, companion, lover and wonderful wife

I thank her for her unquestioning faith and devotion to me

I thank her for allowing me to be a father to her wonderful daughters, Kylia and Kari

I’m so grateful for all of the support everyone has shown Ruth and our family including financial, spiritual and emotional during this troubling time


Our hospice nurse Kristy making and delivering a ham for my family for Thanksgiving on her day off, we live miles and miles away but she insisted it was no trouble at all. Also no trouble to make the potato salad and cheesecake

Kari making the most delicious turkey! All by herself and it turned out beautifully.  I’m so proud of her!  Plus rosemary mashed potatoes. Rosemary is moms favorite

Visiting with mom

Dave always putting mom first, without question or concern

Songs, foods, smells that remind me of amazing times with mom

My favorite picture of mom and I from Kalahari waterpark. We’re both poised with the same huge smile. We spent the whole week together as the best of friends visiting, dancing, cooking and laughing the whole time

Realizing this Thanksgiving how much mom has always put into making every holiday special and all about family

My friends and family who are always here to support me when I need them the most


Wishing you a beautiful sunrise ahead


1. God

2. Extreme gratitude? (another wonderful phenomenon from Brain Pickings)

3. “Gratitude is hard work until you realize
the value of those around you.” Leadership Freak

4. Cassie for hosting our family

5. Give me cornbread when I’m hungry

6. . Corn pudding too, no doubt

7. My father likes turnips and doesn’t get to eat them often so he enjoyed them at dinner

8., Each person at our table saying what he or she is grateful for

9. Reading expressions of thankfulness from friends all over

10. An old photograph of my grandfather in an antique car that I hadn’t seen

Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. A whole holiday for gratitude
  2. Which for some people is the only gratitude they practice all year- I am hugely grateful for that
  3. My husband
  4. My daughter
  5. Our family
  6. My grandparents and aunt & uncle & cousins “back home”- love them so much
  7. Our own way of doing things
  8. Deciding what we want and what we don’t
  9. Appreciating each other
  10. This


1. My parents and brother agreed to having our family Thanksgiving tomorrow, for my benefit.

2. Picking up our turkey from friends who raised it on their small farm

3. The changes that are taking place in my home…

4. My husband’s dedication

5. My sweet boy

6. Sugaree…I never thought I could love an animal as much as I love her!

7. Baking pies with Logan

8. Riding my bike when it’s really cold out

9. Tie-dyeing after a long break

10. God