Monthly Archives: February 2014


  • Looking at the snow-covered everything last night and it was so beautiful with lights shining on it…like diamonds dancing everywhere :)
  • Neighbor Phil called again this morning…said Missoula was being snowed upon and we should get it in about 30 min….sure ’nuff, half an hr. later here it came!
  • Annual Cabin Fever Boat Show this weekend if anyone wants to get out of the house and dream about spring/summer and boating.
  • Cookie looking at the TV and enthralled with the Alaskan dog sled dogs barking and running :)
  • Cathy’s picture and reference to Bora Bora Beach Paradise!  Let’s see…that song says “…leavin’ on a jet plane”….:):)
  • Laundry
  • Dinner in the crock pot
  • I tried to catch some fog.  I mist.
  • I stayed up all night to see where the sun went.  Then it dawned on me.

  • Phil, our neighborhood weatherman
  • Income taxes finished :)
  • Helping my sister
  • Frustration, stress
  • Prayer, calm, peace
  • My driving safely after the snow storms
  • Grateful for the maintenance crews for having our roads plowed and well sanded!
  • Record set: Billings, MT, 80 in. of snow this year
  • The girl said she recognized me from the vegetarian club, but I’d never met herbivore :)
  • Dinosaur with an extensive vocabulary…a thesaurus :) 


  1. My dear friend Sally
  2. Spending time getting clear
  3. Brief but effective pampering
  4. Letting it all out
  5. Setting more boundaries (does it ever end?)
  6. Learning more, bit by bit
  7. Noticing my own patterns, even if I haven’t changed them yet
  8. Little revelations
  9. Doing the math
  10. This life

A-musing about Monday…

  1. Our faithful Irish plumber who always answers the call
  2. Our little dog who decided to act like she’s been house-trained
  3. Feeling like I’m in the movie “Groundhog Day” when it comes to car repairs
  4. Being able to laugh at myself
  5. Finding humor in the everyday ordeals
  6. Asking myself, “How does it get any better than this?”
  7. Waiting for the other shoe to drop…unless the aforementioned dog has hidden it :)
  8. Looking in the mirror and seeing someone who looks like me, only older
  9. Finding more clutter behind the clutter I just cleared
  10. Remembering that it’s only a movie