Monthly Archives: April 2014


  1. Being mindful of what is showing up in my life
  2. Seeing Spirit in everything
  3. Green shoots
  4. The Baltimore Orioles have returned…
  5. …and Warbling Vireos and Eastern Kingbirds!
  6. Bald Eagles soaring over the lake
  7. The rumble of thunder
  8. Moving my body
  9. Feeling strong and supple
  10. Loving life


  1. I love this post. I’ve loved Keri Smith for many, many years, I admire her passion and bravery to actually DO what she believes
  2. The way people are changing the world from the user level
  3. Standing up for what we believe in
  4. Not being dependent on companies (though I do believe many companies are doing a lot of good)
  5. Change
  6. Moving forward
  7. Thinking differently
  8. Seeing clearly (if this is even really possible, with human brains)
  9. Lovely friends
  10. This

So Thankful!

1.  Zentangle fun

2.  sewing workshop tonight

3. celebrating a friend’s birthday

4.  going out of town tomorrow to see a dear friend

5.  and a dear friend is going with me

6.  gnomes

7.  pink tulips

8.  miniature daffodils

9.  the smell of Jergen’s lotion

10.  love

Repose and reflection

  1. A little breather before May arrives with a fresh flurry of activity
  2. The sound of the waves
  3. Great insights from a spiritual mentor
  4. Honoring my practice
  5. Expanding my vessel
  6. Learning
  7. Absorbing
  8. Taking action before I could talk myself out of it
  9. Believing
  10. Sharing my gratitude with you

stories blowin’ in the wind :)

  • High winds!
  • Grabbed the door from my hands when I went outside
  • Made what was my carefully combed hair a literal “wind blown hairdo”
  • At the grocery store, parked next to the huge cart storage racks…
  • …had a snug exit from the car alongside the racks, could only open the car door with enough room to get out…but I made it!
  • After shopping and returning to get back into the car, lo and behold, I noticed that there was at least 3 or 4 times as much room between the car and the storage racks…weird…
  • …Then it became spooky…the car hadn’t moved, everything was intact, had locked it…then how did that huge cart rack move away?!  There were no carts in it…the wind?…someone from the store moving it?….hmmmm….sspppoooookkky :)
  • And that’s not all, when I backed out of the parking space, the cart I had placed in the rack blew out and rolled toward us, gently hitting a front headlight…did it not want us to leave?  And it’s not even Halloween :)
  • Grateful that nothing was damaged!
  • Let’s Count Our Blessings!

Sunday Sunshine

  1. Yes, it was shining!
  2. Yard work
  3. Birdsong
  4. Being able to recognizing who was singing
  5. A palpable feeling of promise in the air
  6. Four bright yellow marsh marigold blossoms down by the stream (the deer haven’t found them yet)
  7. Picking up litter while walking my dog
  8. Garden plans
  9. Fresh fruit
  10. Blessings everywhere I turn