Monthly Archives: May 2014

1. God

2. Irises and more irises

3. Looking into green

4. Not rushing

5. Talking with Paul

6. Affection from cats

7. Acknowledgement

8. Resolution

9. Pursuance

10. Psalm

Gods unboxable ways

Very grateful for

  1. God’s unboxable ways
  2. A morning of quiet
  3. Time to catch up on email
  4. And time to sort laundry into loads of pigment and not
  5. The discernment to stop at the task of filing and deciding instead to take a walk
  6. a walk along the still lake with Ruby
  7. And finally making peace with the builders, buyers, and owners of the too big houses pushed onto the banks of the lake
  8. Remembering to fill the bird bath with water and remembering the time Amelia filled it with green Kool-Aid to match the grass. And how the sugar left from the evaporated Kool-Aid was an all summer critter invitation
  9. This post by Ann Voskamp

There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, Mine! Abraham Kuyper

good samaritans

  • Giving and receiving thank you notes
  • Composition books
  • Eye doc’s office is fragrant free…
  • …the lady who arrived with perfume to knock your socks off…hmmmm :)
  • Ultra efficient ladies in the office who keep it all together.
  • Very grateful for: 
  •   … the man who followed us for at least 5 mi. to tell us that he saw a hub cap blow off of one of our tires…told us where it happened and when we returned we found it!  Bless that man!
  • Todd at the V.A.
  • Jessica, our go-to-gal who is always so helpful.
  • Visiting with the sweet lady about our pets :)
  • Maya Angelou:  “I want to write so well that a person is 30 or 40 pages in a book of mine…before she realizes she is reading.”

1. God

2. Rain

3. Someone keeping a seat for me

4. Less is less

5. And that’s OK

6. Breathing

7. Accidental phone calls that turn out not to be accidental

8. Chat

9. Infinite loop


  1. The Muscle Shoals documentary, just watched it (one of maybe two or three movies I’ve watched this year?) and it was really, really good.
  2. My doting husband
  3. Hot sun
  4. 10 mins to sit in public and draw
  5. Watching the dynamics of a college couple
  6. Beautiful hand lettering
  7. Rain storms
  8. The toad who sought shelter by the front door
  9. Rest
  10. This