1. God

2. Sight of blooming trees in the night sky

3. Energy

4. A fine statement of friendship (see the rest of this excellent board)

5. Mike Mensch comes to talk some sense into me

6. One thing leading to another

7. Andrea’s words about guidance

I’ve seen signs, some from which I’ve moved forward, others that have terrified me like the man who mistook the shadow of his equipage for blackbirds

8. Katrina’s words about writing, especially this:

“Writing demanded that I sit still and pay attention.  It required time, reflection and, most of all, a confrontation with my innermost self.  If I really wanted to inhabit my life, it seemed, then the best way to do it was to slow down enough to notice the details.  And then, by subtle alchemy, something inside shifted. As I began to shape words, the words I wrote began to shape me.  The more I saw, the more deeply I felt.  And slowly, day by day and word by word, the hunger for something that always seemed just out of reach was transformed into gratitude for what was right in front of me.”

9. _ _ _ _


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  1. LOVE!! the friendship board…so many of those reminded me of my Mother who lived them :) Thanks, Garrett
    Friendly thoughts, Jean

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