100% Grateful

1.  on any day, I have 2,024 things to be grateful for (at least)

2.  so on any day where there are problems, there are hardly ever more than a few things for which I might be ungrateful

3.  and often, those things that make me feel ungrateful teach me my biggest lessons

4. which makes me 100% grateful

5.  that I get to have a life!  — breathing, loving, playing and more!

6.  and I get wonderful family and friends — woweeeeee!

7.  being a G-Ma is the best job ever with two remarkable boys

8.  having a wonderful church — Unity Chapel of Light

9.  learning new things all the time

10.  feeling young sometimes, and old sometimes, but never one or the other completely!  I’ve got the best of both worlds!

3 thoughts on “100% Grateful

  1. Carol this is a wonderful list. Everything in perspective! Glass half full!! I love life and you!! Thanks

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