Gratitude? Yes Please!!!

*Crystal’s note: another submission from last year:) Thanks Andy!*

I am grateful for many things, big and small.
Where to start… where to start.
Ooooh, I know! The song ‘Wonderwall’!
Down to business, it’s time to list
All these amazing things… you get the gist.
My fingers, my toes, my ears and my nose.
Long walks on the beach
A ripe slice of peach
My good mate Cheech
And Chong
An old fashioned song
My house is often overlooked
But without it i’d be cooked
No where to sleep
No where to eat
Nothing of my own but something things in a sheet?
All of this and more, is what I am grateful for.
The birds and the bees
A breeze through the trees
Laughter and sunshine
A small glass of good wine
Friends and family who accept me for me
Even when its difficult they follow the beatles and just let it be
The internets resources
A ride through the meadows, bareback on horses
My dog and best mate
Yeah he’s cool, and he never comes late.
That’s all for now, i’ve said my two cents
Rhyming ain’t easy, but thats common sense!
Peace, Andy

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