Monthly Archives: May 2014

Taking flight

  1. Getting back on course
  2. Holding a swallow in my hands (it had hit the window) until it recovered and flew away
  3. Baltimore Orioles enjoying the grape jelly I put out for them
  4. House wrens chattering up a storm
  5. Great Blue Herons
  6. Breathing
  7. Having no particular place to go
  8. Quiet time
  9. Taking stock
  10. Sleep

1. God

2. Reconnecting and receiving help from some old friends

3. Oliver bringing over his power washer to help us clean

4. Iced tea with mint from our garden

5. Breakfast with David, talking about Memorial Day, parents and children and rock and roll

6. Listening to Cassie’s presentation, offering feedback, outside at our new table, sitting on new chairs

7. Shea butter (as an unguent, not to eat)

8. Lindsey’s love

9. Meghan’s pictures

10. Christa on remembering

11. Katrina writes about doing what you love and what is needful, through a parent’s eyes



We are grateful to our military men and women who are serving now and who have served in days gone by.

We  have family and friends of all branches of the military representing service in Iraq … Korea … Vietnam … WWII .

Thank you for serving!

Vital Signs

I an grateful for my life

and all the challenges

that have spawned gray hair,

every line on my face

proof that I am living–

not always full-out,

sometimes hesitant–

but the evidence is there

that I show up every day

to etch my signature in time

and add my voice

to Earth’s infinitely beautiful song.


  1. Warm day
  2. Getting through
  3. Fresh rhubarb from the farmer’s market
  4. And tomato plants, the first time I’ve tried to grow them (fingers crossed)
  5. Veganizing my paternal grandma’s pie crust recipe (for the rhubarb) and it turned out great
  6. Our neighbors
  7. Rest
  8. Six weeks left
  9. Beauty
  10. This

Home Sweet Home

  • Neighbors helping neighbors
  • Phil, our “Paul Revere” neighbor
  • The Montana homing pigeon who flew 15 mi. to a child’s school…her flock is her people family…she was homing not to a place but to a person.
  • My beautiful granddaughter who calls often and is always there :)
  • Spatuletail hummingbird
  • An awakening and realization of a personality
  • The Veterans Administration at Ft. Harrison, Montana
  • Grateful for plumbers who arrived promptly :)
  • High altitude cooking
  • Here’s one for smiling :)   …  “Once you lick the frosting off a cupcake it becomes a muffin…and muffins are healthy.  You’re welcome!”